Month: August 2017


Advisor of the Month

School: University of Iowa Region: MACURH
Nominee: Jessica Watts Nominator: Ashten Sherman

On-Campus Population: 6300 Chapter Size: 23

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Selflessness is a trait that is defined as, "a person that shows concern more with the needs and wishes of others than with one's own." This is a trait that directly describes Jessica Watts, or as she is more commonly known, JWatts. Jessica Watts is someone you can always count on to help in a time of need regardless of when or where. She is someone who goes out of her way to actively make sure that her students and fellow staff members are taken care of. She always puts the needs of others above herself, and needs to be told by her own supervisor periodically that she needs to remember to take care of her own needs before others at times.

During the month of August, Jessica has exemplified many examples of selflessness, whether it is in her time commitment to helping advise the MACURH Regional Leadership Conference team, or getting her own ARH students ready to have a positive impact on their campus community during their training this year. Jessica is often seen staying late after meetings to assist students and answer questions. She takes time out of her weekends to work on things for her students in order to help guide them into the student leaders they strive to be.

The selfless act I would like to recognize this month is Jessica's offering to help facilitate NRHH's executive board training. NRHH The Hawkeye Chapter had been waiting to receive notification on their new advisors for some time, and when they had not received their new advisors as the start of the academic year approached they had to plan their training by themselves. The stress that this imparted on some of the NRHH members was quickly alleviated when none other than Jessica Watts stepped up to offer one of her few days off during the start of the year to help lead their executive board training. She helped plan meals, facilitated a Strengths training, and was present for support for anything NRHH members needed. The only time that Jessica left the training was to continue her advisor role in the MACURH RLC. This selfless act helped the NRHH executive board conduct their training and get things done that they never would have without her support. For a day, Jessica Watts acted as the NRHH advisor even though she had many other obligations and work she could have been doing.

I also have the pleasure of seeing Jessica Watts during MACURH RLC related tasks. I can speak confidently that without Jessica's commitment to the MACURH RLC, the conference would never have taken off like it did. She assures that the team stays on track to be successful and puts in more hours to help her students than should ever be allowed. I admire her for her selflessness to see her students succeed and want to thank her for all the help she puts into my own position as the finance chair. There are many days that I was not only driven around, but also put to ease by Jessica when trying to do my duties as the finance chair.

Jessica Watts is someone students can look up to and aspire to be. She constantly works to help students navigate through their roles as student leaders. Her amazing drive to help others is inspiring and something that many of her students admire her for. I believe that Jessica Watts deserves to be August's Advisor of the month due to her work to advise both those that she is assigned to, but also those that she selflessly chooses to help.

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