Month: August 2017


Resident Assistant of the Month

School: University of Nevada, Reno Region: IACURH
Nominee: Taylor Gepilano Nominator: Rebecca Franssen

On-Campus Population: 2900 Chapter Size: 29

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

In the month of August, Taylor has proven to be a resilient, hard-working Resident Assistant that her whole team can rely on. Taylor started off student staff training eager and ready to learn. She showed up to each session prepared and engaged. In these sessions, Taylor contributed to the discussions and asked questions. She always had a positive attitude and a joke to share to keep morale high on the staff.

When our first move in was approaching, Taylor was at the forefront helping the staff with administrative tasks. She worked effortlessly with her her staff members to ensure there were no problems with the check-in packets. She even gave up a fun evening she had planned to ensure the team was ready. Taylor also made sure the floor was decorated. She stayed up late the night before move-in making additional decorations to enhance the community. This was not asked of her, but she did it anyway. She also made an awesome, innovative bulletin board that introduced the RAs on the floor. She made graphic designs that looked like an Instagram post and made a post for each RA on the floor.

As we continued training and preparing for our second, official opening, Taylor once again played a big part with administrative tasks. She helped not only get her floor's check-in packets ready, but also made an effort to help others on staff. As we stuffed check-in packets, Taylor troubleshooted many issues like missing forms, kets, etc. For a first year RA, it was impressive how calm and collected she was. It's definitely stressful to have things changed up, but Taylor handled problems that came up during opening so well. Once our residents were moved in, Taylor worked hard to make sure she was connecting and engaging with residents. She's been making an effort to learn everyone's names and small facts about them. During the first week, Taylor took residents to different events and spent a lot of time with them in their suites or social areas. When Taylor has worked the desk, her residents will sit and talk with her, and even bring her food, which is a testament of the connections she's been making.

Taylor also serves as one of the the Leadership Council (LC) advisors in the hall. She has dedicated a lot of energy to the LC so residents would join and campaign for positions. Taylor made some really effective advertisements that caught residents' attention, and the turn out for the information sessions was huge. As of right now, 18 residents are signed up for elections. This turnout is unlike anything I've seen before, and it was so impressive that she was able to play a part in that.Taylor has also been incredibly strong and reliable as my floor partner. When we've had tasks to complete or programs to plan, she's been on top of it. I never would've expected a first year RA in their first week of school to do more than expected of them while making time for everything else. But Taylor was able to do that. She was able to work as a teammate with her floor partners to make sure everything for the community was done.

I truly believe Taylor deserves to be the Resident Assistant Of The Month. Her dedication to her team is so strong, and her efforts to build her community have enhanced the community. No one deserves this more than her.

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