Month: August 2017


First Year Student of the Month

School: North Dakota State University Region: MACURH
Nominee: Abby Voigt Nominator: Shiloh Susag

On-Campus Population: 3800 Chapter Size: 38

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Abby Voigt has baked up a perfect first two weeks as a first year student at North Dakota State University. As an incoming student, Abby has taken every opportunity to make herself known before the month of August closed out.

As any good baker does, they seek out the list of necessary ingredients to put together their masterpiece. Abbey did just that by taking full advantage of one of the best ingredients available to our students - a chance to move-in early. Abby is an engineering student at NDSU. She moved in to Sevrinson Hall, which hosts the Engineering Learning Community, a few days before many of her peers, to participate in the LAUNCH program. LAUNCH is designed to give students an opportunity to meet some of their peers, faculty, staff, and get acquainted with campus all before school has officially started. Having gathered the ingredients to start off her time at NDSU, Abby had to start to put them together.

As a part of moving-in early with LAUNCH, Abby gave back to her peers on move-in day by assisting with the Move Crew. Quite literally, Abby gave her time and strength to move other new students' belongings into their new homes. This service to her peers is but one ingredient Abby recognized as vital to her time at NDSU - the next is connecting with her community.

Any residence hall experience is markedly improved by strong communal interactions. Abby wasted no time meeting friends in the building. She is frequently spotted with several other new students around the hall lounges, at hall social events, and studying in common spaces. Abby has a friendly and welcoming personality, which invites others into her company. It's no wonder others' have started to notice her "baking" - she takes the time to meet others in her community.

As if Abby hadn't done enough to start to put-together the perfect start to her first year, she chose to run for a Hall Government position. Abbey immediately recognized the opportunity that serving as a Floor Representative could provide to improve the hall and community by acting as a voice for her peers. However, upon learning about another opportunity, the Diversity Imitative Leader, Abby decided to campaign for a position that assists in the education and awareness of diversity within the campus community. The icing on top? Abby was elected to the Diversity Initiative Leader position, where she'll now serve as an executive for the Sevrinson Hall Government.

I would be remiss if I didn't share the penultimate point of Abby's baking - which is that she literally has baked cupcakes for the hall. Whilst campaigning for the Diversity Initiative Leader position, Abby spent her own time and efforts baking cupcakes to hand out to residents by going door-to-door to encourage residents to vote and make their voice heard.

Abby is a highly deserving candidate for First Year Student of the Month of August. It took very little time for Abby to bake up a winning recipe in August. She found the vital ingredients of moving- in early to connect with other students and campus, she brings other residents together whenever she can, and has made a point to encourage activism and improvement of the hall by asking others to participate in Hall Government elections. All of this, she does selflessly. Like any baker we can picture, Abby enjoys the warmth and joy she can bring to others by giving her gifts back to those around her.

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