Month: August 2017


Spotlight of the Month

School: University of Nevada, Reno Region: IACURH
Nominee: Sierra Hall Staff Nominator: Tiara Tratos

On-Campus Population: 2900 Chapter Size: 29

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

During the month of August, the Sierra Hall staff has shown me what it looks and feels like to be a part of not only a strong team, but also a loving family. This staff at the University of Nevada, Reno possesses many great qualities that I believe are truly important when running a residence hall. They are dedicated, connected, loving, and supportive and the deserve to have the spotlight shine on them.

Being a staff on the smaller side sometimes proves to be a challenge, but the dedication that each person has for this job, the residents, and the entire building itself can move mountains. There is more heart in our team of seven than I have ever experienced before in any other club, team, or staff that has numbers greater than this. I don’t think any other group of people could work together as efficiently and compatibly as this one and we were all fortunate to be placed together. From the first week of training there was a connection between everyone and a certain bond that was formed. The amount of time spent together in the past month has created friendships so strong that I know I can rely on the six of them to have my back no matter what and show up when needed.

Emily, our senior resident assistant, is the person who gives the warmest hugs and is always there if you need to talk to someone. Malik is an extraordinarily thoughtful person who cares more about others around him than he does himself. Anthony is who you want to go to if you ever need a laugh, for he can make every single person in the room crack a smile no matter what the situation is. Imani is the essence of sweetness and her small acts of daily kindness have a greater impact in our staff than I think she realizes. Liam, our academic mentor, is the most social in the group and without fail will lend a hand anytime he is asked or not asked. Tiara never fails to bring the recognition to her always deserving staff members. Amanda, the resident director, is the mom we all need and a combination of all our qualities, for she is kind, funny, social, and will 100% of the time tell us how proud she is to be our supervisor.

Throughout training, there were many hours spent together. Whether it was working on lobby decorations at midnight, giving each other advice, or completing RCRs, there has been nothing but support. Even if that support is just a supportive shoulder for our heads to rest on early in the mornings when we were half asleep but needed to check in residents. We kept one another motivated throughout the month and now that the residents are here have supported each other through struggles that have come up so far. People on other staffs have said they are jealous of the connection that our staff has, and at least a dozen residents have already told different staff members that they wanted to become resident assistants because they were inspired.

As individuals, we are all incredible staff members, but as a collective unit we excel more than I thought was possible. Before the month of August, I never knew that a staff could feel this much like a family and have this much love for one another. I believe that each month this year is going to be exactly like this one and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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