Campus Winner
Month: October 2006


Advisor of the Month

School: University of Texas Region: SWACURH
Nominee: Martha J. Berry Nominator: Anietie Akpan

On-Campus Population: 6800 Chapter Size: 46

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Littlefield is the smallest residence hall on campus, with only five resident assistants and one hundred and fifty residents. However, no one should ever judge a book by its cover, for the smallness of something does not necessarily mean that it is any less of a duty to keep matters organized, reformed and put together! Littlefield’s Superwoman, Martha Berry (or also known by her secret alias “MJ”) has run Littlefield’s halls with a graceful and patient hand beyond fathomable understanding.

Superwoman Martha J. is a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin, balancing a heavy academic workload along with her job as a Hall Coordinator. Just as any superhero, Martha J. has multiple superpowers. Her first one you ask? The Power of Organizing! Martha J. has impeccable organizing skills, being able to taken on multiple tasks (while keeping others on task) at a time. This past month, the Littlefield Residence Hall Council was particularly ambitious in their programming and goals of reaching to residents to create networking. Thus being said, Martha J. attended each weekly RHC meeting, making sure to keep all twelve (TWELVE!) Executive Officers on task. She did so making suggestions, listening to THEIR suggestions and allowing them to administer their own meeting to allow them to hone their leadership skills. But Superwoman Martha J. doesn’t stop there. She also shares her superpowers with the Littlefield Resident Assistant Staff, spreading her command of organization with them as well. Martha J. holds One-on-One meetings with her RAs every other week in order to maintain a close network between them, and ensure that programs are being done accordingly, paperwork is turned in a timely fashion and residents’ problems are being handled professionally. In the alternating weeks of One-on-Ones, Martha J. has every RA submit a bi- monthly report into her to keep track of our goals, ambitions and progress. Just like any great superhero, Martha J. sure knows how to keep her sidekicks in order!

What other superpower does Martha J. possess? The Power of Involvement and Encouragement! Martha J. was an RA for two years before she became the Hall Coordinator of Littlefield and thus is knowledgeable on the importance of programming, but even more importantly, making programs that involve ALL residents (not only residence hall leaders such as RHC Officers or RAs) and encouraging them to play in integral part in Residence Life. The Residence Hall Council of Littlefield traditionally functions only on the backs of the Executive Board without any input from incoming residents. It was Martha J. who adamantly proposed advertising the meetings throughout the halls to get freshmen more involved, and for the first time this year in the residence hall’s history, Littlefield RHC meetings were being attended by freshmen residents. But that wasn’t enough for Martha J. Yes, residents were encouraged to attend the meetings, but now that they were attending them, what else was there to do? Martha J. sponsored the idea of residents amping up their involvement, by not only making suggestions of programs for the RHC Execs to do in the future, but also to found their OWN programs, bring them to the table and actually execute them. By doing so, it was hoped that by doing so it would make next school year’s future RHC Execs and RAs more evident.

Now, every superhero has a nemesis. What is Martha J.’s kryptonite? Negativity, for one. And an “I-can’t-do-it” attitude, secondly. When someone throws any of these her way, she is able to rebuff it ceaselessly, approaching the issue professionally, patiently, and objectively. Just like any other superhero, Superwoman Martha J., needs to take a break from her superhero-duties and hang her cape. At those times she’ll just put on her pajamas, grab a can of soda and be just a regular student like the rest of us, chatting and joking with residents passing by in the lobby. She is super-approachable, super- funny, and just like the rest of us.

But when there’s lack of funding for programs, a roommate conflict or lost paperwork, have no fear! Just say the word and the caped-Martha J. is there to help save the day!

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