Month: August 2017


Institution Faculty/Staff of the Month

School: Georgia Southern University Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Allen Warren Nominator: Kimberly Bradley

On-Campus Population: 5030 Chapter Size: 50

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

When I reflect on characteristics of facility staff members on college campuses, they are experts, quick to respond, eager to resolve issues, full of answers, and dedicated to get the job done. Facility staff members oftentimes have a thankless job as their work is mostly done behind the scenes and they have minimal interactions with our students and even front line staff members. Students view them as the person who came in while they were at class and fixed an issue that should never have occurred in the first place. Please join me in recognizing, Allen Warren, the HVAC Supervisor at Georgia Southern University.

In order for you to fully be able to understand all that Allen has done for our department, I must share some background information with you. There are normally four full-time HVAC staff members at GSU but there have been two on-going vacancies. The second HVAC team member pulled their back which left Allen as the only HVAC specialist in our department during move in and into the first week of classes.

From Operation Move In (OMI) on August 11, 2017 to August 22, 2017, there were 270 HVAC requests. Allen handled each work order with a great deal of care and eagerness to resolve the problem. If students are not home when he comes, he leaves a note with information about what he fixed and next steps. While this is normal practice for our team, Allen goes above and beyond by providing a list of everything he did. Likewise, if the student is home, he explains what might have caused the issue and how to prevent the issue from happening again. When cleaning AC units, Allen checks with the student(s) to ensure they are okay with him using a scented cleaner. Some students do not tolerate the smell of lemon and Allen will use a different cleaner if they are sensitive to smells.

In addition to completing student work order requests, Allen is also responsible for fixing staff members air conditioners as well. During this same time period, one of our Assistant Director’s AC units was backed up and caused a leak into another staff member's office. Allen came in on the weekend to make sure that the Assistant Director’s AC was cleaned up, put back together, and working properly before their return to work on Monday. He also fixed the office below and made sure that nothing was destroyed by the leaking water. Additionally, he made sure to visit both staff members during the day on Monday to check in. As you can see Allen is a true rock star and goes above and beyond for students and staff.

It is easy for Facility Staff to get caught up in their day-to-day tasks and work from one project to the next without contributing to the community around them. Allen on the other hand is very active in our community. Despite having 270 work orders on his plate all related to HVAC issues, Allen frequently stops by to check in with the Resident Directors of our buildings and has been known to have educational conversations with students. Just because our facility staff did not go to Master level classes to know and understand student development theory, they can sense when a student is struggling to connect on campus or are making questionable choices. Allen has been known to step outside to check on students in these moments and share resources with them.

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