Month: August 2017


Organization of the Month

School: Case Western Reserve University Region: CAACURH
Nominee: Cameron Childers & all of the RHA Executive Board Nominator: Thomas Ugras

On-Campus Population: 3400 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Throughout the month of August, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) has worked incredibly hard in several different ways, but, above all else, in programming and membership recruitment, often hand-in-hand even.

With new students (primarily first-year students) on-campus, all of whom live in the residence halls, the start of the fall semester is a vital season for RHA in recruitment of new members and the development of strong relationships with the new residents on campus. The current RHA Executive Board has started off the year incredibly strong, putting on/being a part of 5 different programs!

To start, the Executive Board was around on move-in day, with a tent set up for the first-year students who are moving in to stop by to take Polaroid pictures (with many different props to pose with), to grab some ice-cold water, and to collect RHA Executive Board trading cards! The training cards were a part of a challenge the RHA Executive Board put together in order to get the new residents engaged. There was a total of 7 cards, one for each Executive Board member, and if a resident could collect all 7, they received a prize!

Later, during orientation week, the RHA Executive Board put on Casino Night! Casino Night is a program that RHA puts on every year (or at least every year I’ve been here). It takes up an entire building, and it is filled with fun and games, tons of food, and plenty of prizes. At Casino Night, every resident receives a bag of poker chips that they can then use to participate in different games throughout the evening, from card games like Texas Hold ‘Em and Blackjack, to more physical games, such as pig races. At the end of the night, these chips can be used to redeem tickets, which residents can use to participate in raffles, with all kinds of different prizes!

Also during orientation week, RHA had booths at both the Info Fair and the Student Activities Fair. Both of these events are, respectively, opportunities for new students to learn about the different resources available to them and some of the many different ways that they can become involved on campus. At both of these events, RHA had a booth, where they were, again respectively, presenting themselves as a resource to new students and as an avenue to become a leader in the CWRU campus community.

Lastly, the RHA Executive Board put on several different Ice Cream Socials in order to, above all else, recruit first-year students to join their respective community councils! The ice cream was also delicious and refreshing on a hot day, so it made RHA look like such an awesome, generous organization for caring so much about residents (which it is!).

At this point, residents had only been a part of the CWRU campus community for just about 2 weeks, and the RHA Executive Board had already introduced them so thoroughly to RHA as an organization and as an opportunity for these residents to blossom into leaders.

This, in my eyes, is largely what has contributed to what has been, arguably, RHA’s most successful recruitment season in several years! In comparison to last year, RHA has twice as many applicants (90 applicants, to be exact) for community council positions, which is an incredible gain for just 1 year!

The RHA Executive Board worked incredibly hard over the summer and especially throughout all of August to make all of these programs go smoothly, and it has paid off immensely for the Board.

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