Month: September 2017


Institution Faculty/Staff of the Month

School: Ball State University Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Julie Moody Nominator: Jim Hague

On-Campus Population: 6000 Chapter Size: 60

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

The Department of Housing and Residence Life is proud to nominate Julie Moody, Secretary to Assistant Directors, for the September 2017 Institutional Faculty/Staff Member Of the Month! This OTM has been crafted with support from 15 current/former student leaders, hall directors, and supervisors. Collectively we’ve come together to recognize her for the contributions she offers our office which have directly impacted many students on a daily basis on our campus this past month (and every month for the past 30+ years and just as she will until her retirement next month).

Julie is the definition of a caring, compassionate, and genuine person. She exhibits these traits on a daily basis. From answering call or helping a student, she has touched so many lives. This month she concluded orders, billing, and deliveries for over 700 care packages that were delivered to first-year students through our care package vendor. Julie is the primary contact for care package logistics and she takes pride in ensuring RHA, hall front desk staff, hall directors, and students are informed on how care packages will arrive and be distributed to students. She processed hundreds of requests and does so in a timely manner always greeting each caller with a friendly, “How can I help you,” and “I’d be happy to make that happen.” For many of the parents of our calling to place an order, she is the first person they speak to from Ball State and she always offers them a sense of trust that their students are in good hands. This month we received 4 complimentary emails about Julie’s customer service and level of care she offered to parents and students.

Julie is the master of “behind the scenes” magic. And this month exemplifies that truth! All student organizations work with Julie to make room reservations for events and programs in housing’s 11 multipurpose rooms. The start of the year is always chaotic with student groups making requests last minute, but she always manages to make the arrangements and ensures our staff, who set-up the rooms are informed on the groups’ needs. Whether the requests come in 2 weeks or 2 hours in advance, she makes it happen and always helps the students. She always says, “I don’t want the room set-up to be the thing that makes their event not a success!”

She works tirelessly to ensure our students have what they need for RHA and NRHH. A perfect example is her partnership with NRHH for OTMs. On a monthly basis she creates and personalizes each certificate that NRHH distributes to recognize OTM Nominators, Nominees, and Campus Winners. Each certificate has its owe template and includes an excerpt from the OTM. This is time intense process, but she’s always smiles when they are finished and says, "this is going to lighten up someone’s day." This month she processed just under 100 certificates, but all in all, she has likely created over 10,000 certificates in her time with Housing and Residence Life.

She has consistently gone above and beyond in her role, this month, and every month for the past 30 years. She said, last week, “I’ve been lucky to work here doing what I love and I’m happy to go out on a high note with all of the care packages delivered!” In reality, we, as in her supervisors, colleagues, and students have been the lucky ones. She is more than deserving of this recognition for her work in the month of September. It exemplifies a career of excellence we look forward to celebrating with her until her last day next month!

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