Month: September 2017


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: Western Kentucky University Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Morgan Thompson Nominator: Hayden Hobgood

On-Campus Population: 5200 Chapter Size: 52

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Throughout the month of September 2017, National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) Representative Morgan Thompson has helped to build up as well as recruit new leaders on the campus of Western Kentucky University (WKU) to help enhance the on-campus experience. Morgan is a unique individual with her own identity and personal style. She has a wonderful pair of red crocs and carries around "Lil Louie", a tiny lion doll she got from a happy meal from McDonalds. She has a happy dance she performs when she eats.

Morgan has helped recruit and train the next generation of leaders at the campus level. During the Residence Hall Association's fall hall council training, Morgan attended and provided key insight through her own personal experience. She informed roughly 100 hall council members to NACURH from every residence hall on campus, resulting in many of the individuals applying for SAACURH's regional leadership conference (RLC). In addition, on September 13th, Morgan presented a program on tips for applying for RLC and what to expect. Her program which had roughly 20 people in attendance was an innovative program that brought forward new delegates to represent WKU, most them having no previous conference experience.

Morgan understands and actively applies NRHH's two pillars in her daily life. On September 14th, Morgan brought the attention of a 3- year-old struggling with leukemia to WKU's NRHH chapter. The individual, Bentley, his family was raising pop tabs to help pay for his upcoming battle. Morgan helped set a plan to get collection jars in each of WKU's 16 residence halls, with roughly 4,500 students. In addition, Morgan has helped write thank you cards for candidate members of WKU's NRHH Chapter.

Morgan has shown her dedication to NRHH. She has helped develop WKU's chapter by enrolling us in NRHH neighbors, a program dedicated to pairing similar chapters up for them to learn from and brainstorm ideas together. On September 19th, WKU was paired with the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Since the paring, each university has developed community and shared ideas for service projects and program ideas. Morgan has also worked on a committee with the Associate Director of Membership to help create a "What is NRHH" presentation to present to candidate members to give them background information about NRHH's history and values.

Morgan is dedicated to the SAACRUH region. She has attended several Zoom chats on behalf of WKU in September, as per her role as NRHH Representative. Morgan serves on the NRHH Advisory Committee for SAACURH. Using her personal drive and creativity, she created a T- Shirt design that the region is going to adapt. The T-Shirt features NRHH’s Diamond logo, the birthdate of NRHH, a Louie the Lion, SAACURH's mascot word cloud, which is an image made up of various words that describe the SAACURH region, in navy blue, which is NRHH's color. Her understanding of NRHH and the SAACURH region shows in her exemplary design.

When the Director of WKU's NRHH chapter was asked about Morgan, this was her response, "Morgan has been excited and passionate in her position, especially during this month. She has taken the time to gain knowledge about her position, look for new opportunities to get involved in, and be a helped hand to her other executive board members. I couldn't ask for a better representation of our chapter."

Morgan's membership recruitment, application of NRHH's pillars, her dedication to NRHH and the SAACURH region makes her an ideal executive board member. She brings happiness to WKU the same way Happy Meals bring it to her.

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