Month: September 2017


Advisor of the Month

School: Texas Christian University Region: SWACURH
Nominee: David Cooper Nominator: Timothy Jordan

On-Campus Population: 4,000 Chapter Size: 40

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

"An advisor is someone who allows others to be great." Dave Cooper (otherwise known as Coop), an Associate Director in the Housing and Residence Life Office, embodies this quote in all of his work. He is caring, thoughtful towards others, and above all, empowering. This past September, Coop made a huge impact in his advising of National Residence Hall Honorary at TCU. First, he helped coordinate and support the group's recognition of the TCU Post Office and gave the chapter its most fulfilling office recognition of the past five years. Then, he helped NRHH build its budget and travel plans for the SWACURH Fall Leadership conference. Lastly, he attended the September General Assembly and put into perspective the importance of students’ work within NRHH. He did all of this in a way that allowed others to shine and highlighted the values of service and recognition within NRHH.

Coop is at his best when he uses his network to bring people together. This month, he used his contacts at the TCU Post Office to make our office recognition a special one. Coop talked to Glen Hulme, the manager of the post office, and made sure that he could gather his staff together for NRHH's visit. When NRHH arrived and recognized the Post Office for all of their hard work, the post office was full of the employees that had worked so hard and were deserving of praise. The entire experience left a major impression on the staff, and the students within NRHH. According to Hulme "This meant the world to them, as well as to me." That would not have been possible without Coop's connectedness!

Coop's emphasis on support and empowerment also showed through in NRHH's efforts to bring a larger delegation to the SWACURH fall conference this year. Coop started his support in a financial way, by finding an additional $1,000 for the chapter's budget in order to travel and bring extra people to the conference. As the Associate Director, Coop is NRHH's advocate when budgeting decisions come around, and his work in September was another example of supporting the organization. Coop has also helped in the planning and logistics of the trip, talking through travel coordination and how to provide the best experience for our members.

This month, Coop also got a chance to make an impact at our General Assembly. With a large family at home and a full workload, it isn’t easy to come to a 10:00 pm meeting, but Coop was there. He helped bring a sense of purpose and energy to the meeting, and the students loved getting to spend some quality time with him. Coop got up and gave a short speech about commitment to the organization and the purpose of all our work, which resonated throughout the chapter. His support was felt deeply by the chapter’s president and executive board as they are working to develop impactful service initiatives.

What Coop has done for NRHH this September embodies who he is as an individual. He was not always the person taking charge or making orders, but he was always there in support of the organization’s efforts. He did all the little things behind the scenes that make an organization go, all while keeping the student experience at the forefront. His service towards others and attitude towards life makes for a role model that all TCU students can appreciate and aspire towards. David Cooper deserves to be the Advisor of the Month because without him, NRHH could not have lived out their core values and grown as an organization.

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