Month: October 2017


Residence Life Professional Staff of the Month

School: Radford University Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Rebecca Moreau Nominator: Amanda Anderson

On-Campus Population: 3200 Chapter Size: 15

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

When you work in Residence Life, it’s difficult to predict how any given month is going to go. Even when you have a clear schedule, you may find yourself dealing with a last minute emergency on a Friday afternoon or speaking with teary-eyed students for three-hours you’d set aside to work on something else. The month of October was certainly unpredictable for Rebecca Moreau who found herself working through a number of difficult roommate conflicts and supporting her residents and staff after a student death on campus. For these reasons, I believe she is deserving of the Residence Life Professional Staff Member of the Month for October 2017.

Rebecca had a pretty easy duty week in late September and sometimes jokes around about how duty isn’t as stressful at Radford as it was at her previous institution. I knew something was wrong on the morning of October 3 when a colleague texted me pretty early in the morning asking if I was caught up on what had happened.

I soon learned that a student had passed away and that the RD on call for the entire campus, Rebecca, was heavily involved since the wee hours of the morning. She responded to the scene after sensing from the RA that something was different about this medical emergency. She stayed with her staff members and communicated with the administrator on call promptly throughout the incident. The part where I believe she goes above and beyond was that she was at work early the next morning after basically being up all night. Many staff members in the central office checked in on her and encouraged her to go home to get some sleep and distance from the situation. As her supervisor, I offered her the opportunity to take some time off which she declined at that time. She wanted to be available for her staff and residents.

As her duty week continued, she dealt with a number of incidents including alleged harassment and drug/alcohol violations. She, to my knowledge, never asked anyone to take her duty week so that she could step away from campus or take some personal time. She persisted and met individually with some of the students most impacted by the sudden death of their friend.

As October marched forward and the weather turned cooler, Rebecca found herself blindsided by a revived roommate conflict she thought had been taken care of. The parents of one student had become heavily involved and were communicating daily with the director of housing and residential life. The parents, unaware of all Rebecca had done behind the scenes, spoke negatively of her in emails and attempted to limit what she was allowed to say to their student during meetings. Through it all, Rebecca kept as positive an attitude as possible and has ultimately found a solution that meets the needs of the students and will likely please the parents.

Finally, she has been working with one of her staff teams which has been down a member since one of the returners resigned. She, in the midst of a difficult time, put out a call for applications, interviewed, and selected a new staff member who will be starting in the next day or two.

Rebecca had an exceptionally challenging month – but if you didn’t know the details, it would be difficult for you to tell. She goes above and beyond by persisting and role modeling resilience, a quality many people are struggling to develop nowadays, for her peers, staff, and residents. I hope you will agree that Rebecca’s efforts are worthy of recognition.

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