Month: October 2017


Resident Assistant of the Month

School: University of Kentucky Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Angus James McKenzie Nominator: Russell Aivazian

On-Campus Population: 6000 Chapter Size: 35

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

As an international student from New Zealand, Angus McKenzie has brought a unique and diverse perspective to the University Flats staff. As you may or may not know, New Zealanders often refer to themselves as Kiwis and I am excited to demonstrate how Angus has brought KIWI to his RA position this semester and is deserving of an OTM:

K-Knowledge. During the month of October, Angus showcased his passion for KNOWLEDGE throughout the position. One of Angus’ passions is to help find ways to professionally develop the people he comes in contact with. Angus is a Senior Business student who has gone through the training to help people develop and enhance their LinkedIn profiles. Angus, and his floor partner McKenzie (not a typo, they share a McKenzie connection), planned a Community Building Activity at the beginning of the month based on helping our continuing students develop their LinkedIn profiles and stressing the importance of this resource.

Based on the success of this program, Angus came to my class and presented to our RAs about the importance of LinkedIn and how to incorporate the RA position into their profiles. Since the RAs really enjoyed this session, I also had Angus conduct a similar presentation with my UK 101 (first-year) students during ‘career exploration’ day. Angus volunteered to do this out of his own time and went above and beyond to assist our students with their professional development.

I-Innovative. Angus currently serves as a member of our staff professional development committee where he has helped to create INNOVATIVE ways to develop our RA staff. The staff development committee provides professional development sessions during our weekly staff meetings. Topics have ranged from overcoming procrastination to body cameras for campus police. During the month of October, Angus led a conversation around citizenship status that involved the use of a video produced by the “Try Guys” who tried to be US Citizens based on certain characteristics. After watching the video, our staff was stunned by the roadblocks to citizenship as well as the issues presented during the video. It was very helpful to have Angus and another international student explain their lived experiences around the topic and have a safe space for staff members to ask questions and better understand the topic.

W-Work Ethic. While Angus is a senior, his WORK ETHIC in the RA position has continued to elevate. In my five years of supervising RAs, I find that seniors tend to ‘fall off the wagon’ as they get closer to graduation…but not Angus. In the last month, Angus has balanced his personal, professional, and academic obligations flawlessly and without any complaint. As one of his staff members put it: “Angus has a lot on his plate but has managed to deliver high performance in everything he is involved in. Angus is also very professional in his approach to everything.” This month Angus has had to juggle graduate school applications, academics, and a slew of resident concerns and issues for residents throughout the building.

I-Inspiration. Finally, Angus is an INSPIRATION for our staff! Angus has been a positive role model as a returning RA and has shown the professionalism needed to help our staff grow and develop. While he admits that his slightly homesick at times, he pushes through and finds ways to develop our family atmosphere in the building. I have been personally inspired by his dedication to this positon and his constant development and vulnerability within the position. Angus is deserving of an OTM this month because of his KIWI attributes and his overall dedication to the RA role!

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