Month: October 2017


Student of the Month

School: Kansas State University Region: MACURH
Nominee: Jackson Craven Nominator: Jasmine Schick

On-Campus Population: 6000 Chapter Size: 16

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

I don’t even know where to begin with Jackson (Jack) Craven, so I suppose I should start at the beginning. I first met Jack over a year ago during his freshman year. He was a resident of my former duty partner. To me, Jack appeared standoffish and silent. His old RA used to say, “Jack is simultaneously my favorite and most frustrating resident.” I wasn’t sure what to expect when I found out that I would be his RA this year.

At the beginning of the year, Jack continued to be quiet, only making a comment here or there to note how empty the lobby was. I grew frustrated with his comments about the lack of residents in the lobby one day, and told him that there was no one in the lobby because they did see anyone else spending time there. I then told Jack that if he desired a strong floor community, he should be a leader and take the first step.

After that, I began to see Jack spending more and more time in the lobby each day. As a result, more and more residents began to stop and say “hi” on their way to and from class. At the second floor meeting, my floor partner and I asked if any residents would be interested in joining our floor governing board (FGB), and asked them to stay afterwards to learn more. To my surprise, Jack and three of his friends approached us afterwards to request more information.

Jack was voted vice president of the FGB, and volunteered to be the 6th floor representative, attending every Hall Governing Board (HGB) meeting on time every single week. It has been incredible to watch Jack grow into the young man he is today. Jack continues to be an incredible leader.

The 6th floor RAs planned an ALiCE Active Shooter Training program for their floor, and Jack encouraged and brought the entire floor governing board (~15 individuals). At the end of October, Wefald’s HGB hosted a trick-or-treat program for the families in the Manhattan community. As stated by Wefald’s ACC Elisa Wilson, “Jack did A LOT of work. He was a huge help.” Besides working for hours, Jack also got others to help. He built the haunted box fort, and even missed floor dinner to continue helping set-up other areas so that the main lobby would be prepared in time.

Jack encourages residents to sign-up for family dinners (made and served every other Sunday night), and is constantly seen working on homework in the lobby on the 6th floor. He is constantly inviting residents to go out and spend time together. For my community conversation with Jack, he requested that we go to the store to buy snacks and glowsticks, as he had invited everyone to go watch the meteorite shower later that evening.

Most recently, Jack invited residents to go to iHop to get the free short stack of pancakes for the first Thursday of the month. Our floor went back in October, but did not make plans to go in November. One resident had mentioned to Jack that he was really wanting to go, and was really disappointed that no one had made any plans to. After hearing this, Jack immediately put a message in the floor GroupMe stating that he and this other resident were going to go to iHop if anyone else wanted to join, making this other resident’s night. The floor would not be as involved or active without Jack’s leadership. He is the reason why the 6th floor is so great this year.

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