Month: October 2017


Organization of the Month

School: The University of Texas at Dallas Region: SWACURH
Nominee: Active Minds at UTD Nominator: Lisa Illgen

On-Campus Population: 5500 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

One of the most influential aspects of a student’s time at college is what they do with their time for extracurriculars. This importance is augmented when the organizations a student participates in aim to benefit the world. Moreover, organizations provide information and a place of belonging for members, which is crucial to the success of every student. This kind of importance, influence, and care is observed every month within Active Minds at UTD, but during October, Active Minds at UTD exceeded all expectations of a student organization.

In particular, during the first week of October, the executive board sent out a message to remind members about Active Minds at UTD’s second general meeting. This message included information about the meeting, stating that members would be treated to a guest speaker from UTD’s Center for Students in Recovery, as well as inviting members to participate in UTD’s “It’s On Us” pledge drive, giving members information about the event’s purpose, date, and location. Also, Active Minds at UTD made use of its GroupMe chat with members to quickly relay the change of location for “It’s On Us” when rain caused the event to be moved inside. That same day, the board initiated a conversation with members about university mental health resources, leading to multiple members engaging in a conversation about the state of mental health care in the US and on-campus and off-campus resources.

During the second week of October, Active Minds at UTD reminded members about what the meeting covered, where the Center for Student Recovery is located, and upcoming events for the rest of October. Namely, they advertised National Day Without Stigma and the Chalk-Out Stigma activity Active Minds at UTD would be doing to bring awareness (a member-favorite activity where individuals go around campus leaving messages aimed at reducing the stigma of mental health conditions and at increasing positivity), the Active Minds at UTD’s fundraiser event, and the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention’s Out of the Darkness Walk. The email also included a link for anonymous survey on mental health and suicide prevention for UTD’s student newspaper The Mercury.

During the third week of October, the board organized a round table event for members to come discuss mental health conditions that related to conditions addressed on campus in the previous month, attempting to do so at a time that would be convenient for most members. Also, the board also shared articles, videos and resources relating to mental health conditions and how to get through mental health crises with the group, including information about a Suicide Prevention Workshop. The board also offered themselves as friends and people to talk to, if any of the members should need an ear.

During the last week of October, Active Minds at UTD invited members to two of the Student Counseling Center’s upcoming events, a Day of the Dead celebration and Halloween Meditation. They also sent out information about the next meeting’s focus on stress management, including stress-relieving activities and a guest speaker from Student Counseling Center. They also discussed a risk management presentation that all members had to view. The board made it extremely easy for all members to get this presentation, holding long hours over the course of 3 days. On the last day of October, the board sent a Halloween-related message from Mental Health America, encouraging acceptance and support of individuals with mental health conditions.

Overall, Active Minds at UTD is a valuable organization on campus, not only for the resources it provides to members and all students, but also for the impact it seeks to make in Richardson and beyond.

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