Month: October 2017


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: Truman State University Region: MACURH
Nominee: Rachel Snyder Nominator: Erin Darr

On-Campus Population: 2600 Chapter Size: 26

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

During the month of October, Truman State University RHA executive board member Rachel Snyder has been active in RHA meetings as the Legislation and Advocacy Committee Chair. Rachel works in her residence hall as a Student Advisor, is an NRHH member, and is a delegation member for the upcoming MACURH Regional Leadership Conference 2017. Being involved in so many ways in her residence hall, residence hall organizations, and MACURH region has allowed her to make a positive impact on residents throughout campus and in the midwest.

In late October, Rachel was prompt to volunteer for the executive board care package fundraiser tabling. Tabling allows RHA to provide a service for residents and Rachel was a friendly face distributing the care packages. At RHA meetings during the month of October, she volunteered to hand out RHA placards to returning general body members and served to greet first time members who needed to create a new placard and get signed in at meetings. In RHA meetings, she heads the legislation committee and has worked hard to create a welcoming environment for members in her committee. Rachel sends reminder emails to committee members and provides structure to the residents to voice their concerns about residential life and formally create legislation as a platform to address concerns.

The committee members in Legislation and Advocacy voiced that they would like to have more focus on mental health awareness on the Truman State campus. Rachel began collaborating with the other RHA committee chairs, Recognition and Programming, to create a campus-wide mental health awareness week at Truman State University. Upon creating a collaborative document, Rachel contributed thoughtful ideas for each of the committee chairs to play on their committee’s strengths in order to provide a meaningful event for residents.

In preparation for the MACURH Regional Leadership Conference 2017, Rachel went beyond her role and helped prepare the Resident Staff Member of the Year bid recognizing a staff member in her residence hall. For the conference, Rachel is also working on a presentation about implicit bias and educating students on unconscious attitudes or stereotypes towards others. Additionally, Rachel worked hard with other students to create the Truman State University fall themed display for the conference. As a Student Advisor, she also hosted a popular rock painting event in her residence hall for students to attend and build community.

Also on the Truman State campus, Rachel serves as the Dining Chair on the MACURH Regional Business Conference 2018 staff. She has contributed at several staff meetings throughout October and updates the staff on the dining options for delegates. Rachel has professionally worked with outside companies to provide inclusive food options for delegates. Her involvement on the regional level shows her willingness to go above and beyond her position on the RHA executive board to make an impact for students outside of Truman.

Rachel Snyder’s passion for advocacy is inspiring as well as her ability to listen to resident’s concerns. Rachel is not afraid to take action to bring about change in the campus residence halls and her role as Legislation and Advocacy Chair is an outlet where she is able to thrive. Her contributions to RHA throughout the semester is representative of her potential in the rest of her time at Truman. As she is only a sophomore, I’m excited to see where Rachel goes in her student leadership journey as she grows in residence hall organizations. The time and effort Rachel has put in during the month of October has set the foundation for high expectations from the RHA Legislation and Advocacy committee for years to come.

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