Month: October 2017


Institution Faculty/Staff of the Month

School: Case Western Reserve University Region: CAACURH
Nominee: AmariYah Israel Nominator: Amy Bevins

On-Campus Population: 3400 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

AmariYah Israel serves as the Acting Director of the LGBT Center at Case Western Reserve University. Previously, AmariYah worked as a staff member splitting her time between the LGBT Center and the Office of Multicultural Activities. A few months ago the Director of the LGBT Center stepped away from the role temporarily and AmariYah stepped in to fill the role. She has been an outstanding team member since the start of her tenure at Case Western Reserve University, but her ability to step into a Director position and provide a seamless transition and supportive presence to the student staff and LGBT Center constituents is exceptional.

In the month of October, AmariYah has proved time and again her outstanding contributions to the LGBT community and the CWRU community. October is a busy month consisting of many different events and programs to execute, as well as unforseen obstacles to overcome. In the month of October, AmariYah successfully executed Safe Zone sessions (a training program to educate the campus community on the LGBT community and how to be an ally), an event with featured speaker Dylan Marron on National Coming Out Day (a collaboration with Latinx student and staff groups to promote National Hispanic Heritage Month), an institutional LGBTQA committee meeting, and helped the community heal from a tragic hate crime at neighboring Cleveland State University on the day of their LGBT Center's opening.

AmariYah consistently advocates for the LGBT community through Safe Zone training sessions and has spearheaded the revitalization of our Safe Zone program through a new three-part format. This new format will continue to enhance community knowledge of and support for the LGBT community.

AmariYah is a champion of intersectionality, as evidenced by her previous position(s). When she stepped into the Acting Director role, AmariYah wanted to increase the LGBT Center's focus on intersectionality and collaborate with offices across campus. This led to the event on National Coming Out Day, partnering with many offices on campus to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month and National Coming Out Day. AmariYah improved relationships with campus partners through this program and brought visibility to the intersections of identity.

The LGBTQA committee at CWRU consists of LGBT Center staff (AmariYah), staff, faculty, and student representatives. Some current initiatives reviewed at the monthly meeting in October included the creation of a curriculum committee to explore the addition of LGBT curriculum, an HR committee to increase policy inclusiveness for LGBT staff and faculty in transition, and review of institutional practices graded on the campus pride index to improve our institutional score. AmariYah organized and led this meeting and has oversight of all the projects the committee works on.

Finally, AmariYah was able to help the LGBT community at CWRU, CSU, and Cleveland come together to support the CSU community after a hate crime affected their campus on the day their LGBT Center opened. AmariYah provided support to the CWRU LGBT community, and made a trip to CSU to offer help in any way she could. AmariYah also advocated for the LGBT Community by encouraging CWRU administration to release a statement condemning the hate crime at CSU and reinforcing CWRU's commitment to the LGBT community.

Overall, the month of October has been hectic, and would be a busy month for an office with five staff members. The fact that AmariYah has been able to maintain the LGBT Center office, execute all the programs in the month of October, deal with the CSU hate crime, and lead the campus LGBTQA committee as the only full time professional staff member in the LGBT Center is truly outstanding.

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