Month: October 2017


Spotlight of the Month

School: Oklahoma State University Region: SWACURH
Nominee: Liz Boyle, Karissa Fent, Elly DeVillasante, and Ta Nominator: Vana Springer

On-Campus Population: 6069 Chapter Size: 40

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” -Mattie Stepanek

Over the month of October I have had the privilege to watch a team come together. Through collaboration and hard work, this team has already begun to accomplish incredible and wonderful things. Each team member plays their own role:

Liz Boyle, the voice. The leader.

Karissa Fent, the creativity. The cheerleader.

Elly De’Villesante, the organizer. The math wizard.

Tanner Padget, the dreamer. The dedicated.

Josh Cunningham, the realist. The do-er.

These five students have come together to begin working on a bid to host the 2018 Regional Leadership Conference (RLC) for the SWACURH region; and while they began in September, the work they put in through October has helped them to be truly outstanding. From spending weeks putting together the aesthetics of a bid to brainstorming idea after idea and taking it all back to the drawing board, I think that they have learned and grown as individuals as well as a team.

Each of the five has their own outside commitments. From the ultimate Frisbee team, being on the RHA executive board, being a Resident Assistant (Community Mentor or CM at Oklahoma State) or being a committee head for the internal budget within RHA’s Senate; these are not students with loads of free time. However, these students made the time. They met every week, often multiple times each week to prepare, plan and perform the actions it would require to potentially put on an amazing RLC.

Just a few of the actions performed throughout the month of October include organizing a full regional budget, pitching and working for departmental and school support, tracking down numbers and logistics for all of the different hotels, meeting spaces, and dining options, and making sure to keep things “fun”. Elly worked diligently to figure out a rough draft budget and search for ways to bring down the cost per potential delegate, she also was a part of the team that went and met in person with hotels in the area to negotiate prices (she even got one hotel to bring the price per room down by almost $50). Tanner fought for the people, he always came to meetings with new information and played a big role in the hotel hunt as well. Josh has worked as Oklahoma State’s current NCC to help make sure everything is within SWACURH policy and worked to help make some of the “crazier” ideas a possible reality. Karissa put together the physical appearance of the bid, reached out to the different programming and mass gathering options, and contacted potential key note speakers. Liz has been our constant voice with the Regional Board of Directors. She comes every day to motivate the team and to make sure everything is coming together. Liz has continued to lead the group and takes charge in an encouraging but firm way.

The team continues to incorporate fun into all of their tasks in a number of ways. For example, if given the conference they want to start a Vlog to keep the region updated on the conference. They also are having a blast planning the possible meals and appetizers (I think I see dinosaur chicken nuggets in our future) as well as coming up with scavenger hunt ideas. The group even goes as far to be friends outside of the conference and works to spend time together having fun. From the outside looking in I am so proud of this group. I know with their "teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be accomplished."

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