Month: November 2017


Student Staff Member of the Month

School: Texas A&M University Region: SWACURH
Nominee: Jett Black Nominator: Mark Iten

On-Campus Population: 10830 Chapter Size: 108

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Having started his position at the 24-hour desk located in the Commons Building on the Southside of the Texas A&M University campus in the beginning of this semester, Jett Black has been an outstanding help at his work station during the month of November by aiding students and visitors with various questions they might have about the southside of campus, as well as the entire campus in general.

Working at the 24-hour desk means that he often has to work late night shifts as well as some shifts during the day. Even though Jett has several other responsibilities on the Texas A&M campus, such as being the Student Services Chair for the Texas A&M Student Senate or the Vice President of Financial Development and Scholastics for the National Residence Hall Honorary's Dan Mizer chapter, he is even more dedicated when it comes to working at the 24-hour desk.

While working, Jett enjoys getting to know students and their names whenever they come up to the desk to ask for directions, when they request keys to one of the music rooms at the Commons, or just when they feel like talking to him in general. Several residents and students in generals have gotten to know him through his great and continuous assistance. Having a job like this could easily get boring or even annoying when the same questions are repeated over and over again. Nonetheless, Jett takes his work seriously and makes sure to help people to the best of his abilities, while at the same time remaining friendly and calm at all times.

The month of November has been an especially busy time for Jett at the 24-hour desk with the Thanksgiving holiday happening in the middle of the month, with the final examination period coming closer, and also with there being a lot of future Texas A&M Students touring the campus and the residence halls with their parents.

During the time building up towards the Thanksgiving holiday as well as the days following it, Jett volunteered to work additional shifts in order to ensure that other student workers could go home to their families for the holiday break early or to stay home for a longer amount of time, even though that meant that he had less time to spend with his own family and friends back home.

The final examination period is approaching fast, which also means that the student body in general gets more stressed about school. This makes the residents generally more susceptible to forgetting or losing there access cards or room keys, which leads to the 24-hour desk being busier than usual as well.

The month of November is also the time where most families of future students start touring the residence halls, specifically the ones around the Southside Commons. Jett has been very helpful and patient whenever families come up to the desk to ask questions, and he always made sure that they all found there way over to the spot where the residence hall tours take place and that all their questions would be answered, so that a good first impression of the Texas A&M campus can be made.

Overall, Jett has been a great support for anyone that was seeking help at the 24-hour desk during the busy month of November and is ready to continue making people's visits to the Southside Commons on the Texas A&M campus the best they can be in future, similarily busy months like this one turned out to be.

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