Month: November 2017


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: Texas A&M University Region: SWACURH
Nominee: Kyle Gage Nominator: Hector Jett Black

On-Campus Population: 10830 Chapter Size: 108

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

During the month of November, the Texas A&M Residential Housing Association (RHA) Vice President of Sustainability, Kyle Gauge, aided in bringing a new push towards sustainability to Texas A&M University. Kyle, who is serving in an executive role that was established in May 2017, has shown determination in increasing the level of sustainability through advocacy and discussion with the ten thousand students he represents. His passion for making the Texas A&M on-campus experience the best it can be, has allowed him to develop a leadership skill set as refined as the senior members on the RHA Executive Team.

Kyle has kicked started his role through bridging the gap between RHA and the Aggie Eco-Representatives (Eco-Reps). He dedicated his free time during the month to meeting with the leaders and members of the Eco-Reps to work towards building the bridge between the two organizations. One of the building blocks for the bridge was the knowledge Kyle brought back from the 2017 SWACURH Regional Leadership Conference (RLC). Kyle combined information from programming and speaking to representatives from other Universities into ideas that could be applied through the combined effort of RHA and Eco-Reps.

Kyle was approached by several constituents with the idea of bringing pollinator gardens to campus. Seeing that this need was not an ordinary one, Kyle took it upon himself to work with the residents to see the benefits of building one or more gardens. His research found that Texas A&M sits along the migration path of four butterfly species that have been driven away from campus due to the environment changes that results from the continuous construction. Kyle took this information and met with a larger range of constituents to find areas on campus where these gardens could be built. Two locations that are currently at an unsatisfactory level of landscaping were picked and Kyle brought the research and locations to administration. He met with representatives of Texas A&M’s facilities service provider SSC on the topic. SSC immediately hopped on the initiative and advised Kyle to apply for the Aggie Green Fund Grant in order to fund the project.

Kyle has also been working with the Department of Residence Life’s South Area Office (SAO) to decrease the amount of wasted paper use. Kyle worked with staff to collect numerical data showing the exact amount of paper that is being used on a daily basis. Upon analysis of the data, Kyle proposed to the SAO a switch in paper sources to one that provides recycled paper. The SAO representatives and Kyle have organized a test run of the recycled paper source for the Resident Advisor Application process that will occur in the first months of the Spring 2018 semester. Should this trial proceed, Kyle’s efforts this month will institute a change in paper resources to a more sustainable option.

Kyle’s effort to making a sustainable campus reached a new high with the creation of a Sustainability Guide that could be used around campus. This guide’s aim is to promote the social, environmental, and economic forces of sustainability on Texas A&M’s campus. This guide, which promotes and commends the current efforts of groups around campus, was co-written by Kyle and the Graduate Assistant Sustainability Coordinator, Kristianna Bowles. It is currently being prepared to be sent to the Texas A&M Division of Student Affairs to be adopted as the official Sustainability Guide for use on campus.

Kyle has truly become an advocate of sustainability this month. He has empowered not only himself, but also the on-campus residents of Texas A&M to take a stand and work to make our campus sustainable.

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