Month: November 2017


Student of the Month

School: University of Iowa Region: MACURH
Nominee: Kelsey Strandberg Nominator: Anna Haller

On-Campus Population: 6300 Chapter Size: 23

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

There are few people I know at the University of Iowa that can juggle the life of a resident assistant (RA), regional conference team (RLC) member, and keep up with their academics. One of those people I have had the pleasure of getting to see flourish in the month of November and that I am lucky to call one of my closest friends: Kelsey Strandberg.

Kelsey is a first year RA for an intramural all-girls floor. During the month of November, I went to Kelsey’s floor in Rienow hall. I walked into her floor lounge and saw about twenty of her residents watching a movie all together. Some were studying while others watched the movie, but everyone was respecting each other. They welcomed me with open arms and filled me in on all the great times they were having on their floor as a family. That is the community Kelsey created. When Kelsey had to attend the MACURH RLC mid November, her residents were in friendly competition over who got to watch her pet fish Kinnick. When Kelsey came home after thanksgiving break, her floor embraced another new member: her stuffed Quail (that she stuffed herself!). I recently had a conversation with one of her residents who could not have imagined her freshman year being as great as it was without Kelsey. Don’t believe me? Check out their floor twitter @Rienow4thFloor Her floor's positivity is infectious and that is a direct result of Kelsey's presence on her floor.

Also early in November, I was lucky enough to work with Kelsey in her role as MACURH RLC Spirit Chair. The first week of November, Kelsey and I tried to make the top ten programming and spirit award cone trophies. However, when she used the Cricket to make the award title, the teal spray paint on the cone chipped and peeled away. Kelsey was not happy, but stayed cool and calm to overcome this, eventually attaching tags to the cone with their award titles which people loved. At the conference, Kelsey kept the energy up. She dressed in her cow costume, led the region in cheers more than once, and even with the stress of conference stayed focus to keep up with tracking mile markers. She also did everything she could to not only support myself, but every RLC team member that weekend, even if that meant later nights for her. Overall, the conference would have lost a lot of spirit with her.

Lastly, Kelsey is a student on top of all her responsibilities. She shows up to class even if she is sick, constantly goes to writing centers for critiques and changes to improve in her skills as a writer (even though she is a business major), and also had been applying for internship in late November. Kelsey has successfully applied for five different internships in the two short weeks after the RLC ended. She also recently got a stellar grade in her literature class for an assignment turned in at the same time in November as the RLC, which is no small feat considering the amount of work Kelsey put in to all of her classes and other responsibilities during MACURH. She kept her high standards and was able to meet them in her academics.

If you do not know Kelsey, check out her Linked In. She has done some amazing things this November for her residents, her classes, the RLC team, and for me as an amazing friend. There is not a person I know who is a more deserving student of the month for November than Kelsey Strandberg.

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