Month: November 2017


Spotlight of the Month

School: Western Oregon University Region: PACURH
Nominee: Resident Directors Nominator: Kelsey Murray

On-Campus Population: 1500 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

With any group of individuals, it is important to work together to form a cohesive bond that will withstand anything that is thrown at them. Just like the Fellowship of the Ring withstood Orcs, Uruk-hai, evil wizards, Nazgul, and even Sauron, the Dark Lord, the Resident Directors (RDs) at Western Oregon University have withstood all obstacles that they have faced. The Fellowship of Western consists of Karen Schlieder, Giovanna DiFalco, Joe Hahn, and myself. Together we have faced many hurdles this term and the month of November was no different.

“You have my sword…”

Aragorn was the first to offer his help to the four Hobbits in their journey to destroy the Ring. With the Fellowship of Western, you would have to act pretty quickly to be the first to help out. When a Resident Director requests help from the other members of the Fellowship, each member is quick to offer their assistance. From the smallest tasks such as helping grab a coffee order or major tasks like what we experienced during the month of September. Unfortunately, Western Oregon University had another student pass away during the month of November. The RDs quickly banded together and took duty over for the Resident Director for that community. We continued to hold it for the remainder of their duty shift, working together to ensure that we were self-caring and sharing the responsibility. We cared for each other during this rough time, after we have already had a rough term, and cared for our students at the same time.

“You have my bow…”

Next up to volunteer to help the Hobbits was Legolas. The month of November was a busy month because of the start of planning RA Selection, RA Winter Training, and even discussions about Fall Training for our student staff. Being the returners of the RD group, Karen and Giovanna took a lead on most of the tasks set before the Fellowship of Western. Now these tasks are a lot for two people to undertake, so Joe and I have volunteered to do as much as we can to help Karen and Giovanna be successful with these assignments. For RA Selection, I was able to forward Karen the process I have used before and Joe has volunteered various ways to digitized the process as much as possible. Each of us has joined at least one committee to assist with RA Selection and I am confident to say that this year will be a successful RA Selection process.

“And my axe.”

Last to volunteer, but certainly not least, was Gimli to Dwarf. This is the hardest part for me to write because, just like the Fellowship had to go their separate ways in order to face various foes along the way, the Fellowship of Western is also losing one of its members. Giovanna is going on her own adventure and the rest of the Fellowship will miss her dearly. But that does not mean that the Fellowship is breaking up. No, quite the opposite. As Giovanna is transitioning out of her role as a Resident Director, the rest of the Fellowship has taken her duty shifts, taken her conduct meetings, will be approving work orders for her community, and even volunteered to help her move her furniture out of her apartment. Just like the four Hobbits, the four RDs of the Fellowship of Western will stick with each other, through thick and thin.

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