Month: November 2017


Institution Faculty/Staff of the Month

School: Western Oregon University Region: PACURH
Nominee: Kellen Hendrickson Nominator: Lindsey Gibson

On-Campus Population: 1500 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Kellen Hendrickson is one of four Western Oregon University Facilities Services staff members dedicated to the University Housing department focused on maintenance. This four man team tends to the day to day maintenance of our 1250 resident population and 11 residential buildings. Daily they respond to residents’ needs: replacing burned out lights, fixing heaters, and tending to electronic locks. On top of that they are asked to take on additional projects that not only maintain the residence hall facilities, but that improve upon them. For example, over the summer we purchased hundreds of new LED light fixtures for the halls. They are brighter, last longer, and will reduce the cost and the hassle of frequently changing light bulbs. Over the course of the fall Kellen has been installing these in hallways and resident’s rooms to help improve their experience of living on campus.

Specifically, in the month of November Kellen has gone above and beyond in his work. One day this month we had a student put in a work order regarding a washing machine that was not working in her building. It had been a repeat problem for that machine and the student was frustrated that this seemed to be an ongoing issue. As our laundry machines are leased from an outside vendor, our maintenance staff passed along the note of the problem to the laundry company’s repair team. Instead of carrying on with that day’s next task Kellen took it upon himself to reach out to the concerned resident and quickly scheduled a time to meet with her. He sat down with her to understand and validate her frustration. He was able to explain the process and show records of the previous repair work that had been done to that machine. Through this conversation the resident felt heard and was better able to understand that the issue would be addressed. It is things like this that show the care and concern Kellen has for residents’ experience and the pride he takes in his work.

On our maintenance team we have one staff member who focuses on keys and electronic locks and with our older buildings he stays very busy. During November this staff member took an extended vacation, being gone for a little over two weeks. While he was gone, Kellen stepped in to help with these processes that always seem to need tending to. He helped manage the two student employees in the residential key shop and stayed on top of electronic lock issues as they arose. When it was time for our buildings to close for the Thanksgiving holiday, Kellen adjusted his work hours so he could be sure that everything closed as it was supposed to. While it is not typically his job duties, Kellen was able to step in to keep things in this area running smoothly. This month, between working in the halls on daily maintenance, and planning for future projects, Kellen has also been stepping in to learn from the Maintenance Team Supervisor, John Henslee, as we prepare for John’s upcoming retirement. This means that Kellen has been at additional meetings, working with subcontractors, and spending some additional time in the maintenance shop with John.

WOU’s Housing Department is lucky to have Kellen as a part of the team. He is communicative, easy to work with, and dedicated to improving the residents' experience. He is great at prioritizing tasks and always keeps our department’s priorities in mind. As an WOU alum Kellen has great pride in our school, and care for our students.

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