Month: December 2017


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: UNC Chapel Hill Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Madison Alexander Nominator: Katie Way

On-Campus Population: 9000 Chapter Size: 35

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

December is a month when many college students focus on themselves, whether it be studying, hanging out with friends, or catching up on the lost sleep from the semester. Rather than focus on herself, Madison Alexander focused on recognition and UNC-Chapel Hill's NRHH Chapter.

Madison Alexander is a graduate student at UNC-Chapel Hill who currently serves as the recognition chair for our NRHH chapter. In addition to serving on NRHH's executive board, Madison is the Community Manager for Craige Community, which is a time-intensive role that every residential community relies on.

In December our executive board swapped with NC State's NRHH executive board. Madison was one of the driving forces for this swap. She organized a meeting time for a few of our members to meet and create a PowerPoint to showcase our chapter. She offered pictures that she had taken of everyone throughout the semester to help add a visual aspect of the presentation as well. Once we got there to present, Madison was able to be a team player and present for some board members who weren't there. Madison has been the definition of true team player and a dedicated member of our executive board during this swap.

Madison's work for December did not stop there. She has worked tirelessly for months to plan the annual housekeeping and facilities recognition banquet. Madison was able to showcase organization skills as well as love for recognition. Madison went shopping for the banquet in December, the same night that we returned from NC State's executive board swap. December is a busy time for all students and Madison took her own time to go shopping in order to make sure that there was enough food for everyone.

Two days after the NRHH executive board swap and shopping day for Madison, she hosted the banquet. This banquet is a space for housekeeping and facilities for housing to come and have a free lunch. Madison was there for over 4 hours during the last week of classes. Instead of complaining about the time that she had to spend during "crunch time", Madison greeted every attendee with a smile and continually thanked them for their service within residence halls. Madison recruited volunteers to help her as well. She continually recognized them as well. Madison is a selfless and humble leader. She continually strives to recognize others rather than recognize herself and the hard work that she put in to make the event a success.

Madison's efforts in planning the housekeeping banquet and her spearheading the NC State executive board swap presentation was simply two things that Madison has done for NRHH in December. Outside of NRHH, Madison hosted an end-of-semester party for her Office Assistants, students she manages in her role at Craige. She utilized this party to thank her assistants and recognize them.

Madison has gone above and beyond all expectations of student during finals season. Rather than focusing on herself, Madison made sure that others felt supported and recognized. Madison deserves to be recognized for her hard work on the banquet as well as her support and recognition for those who serve around her. She is an exemplary executive board member who went above and beyond her role in the month of December.

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