Month: December 2017


Advisor of the Month

School: NC State University Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Cassandra Jenkins Nominator: Holly Perry

On-Campus Population: 8500 Chapter Size: 85

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Throughout my time in Housing and Residence Life, I have had the privilege to work with many great advisors. During the fall 2017 semester, I have worked very closely with NC State’s Residential Leadership Coordinator, Cassandra Jenkins. She never fails to provide the right advice at the right time and is always incredibly supportive of all endeavors, whether they be NRHH related or not.

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to work with Cassandra on drafting a constitutional change for our NRHH Chapter. As the VP of Community Service, I noticed that the current wording of the constitution did not support a practice for measuring member service that was very successful for our chapter. As most of our members are affiliated with housing, most of whom work for our housing department, it can be difficult to coordinate service events that a lot of our members can attend. After discussing this with Cassandra, she walked me through the process to propose a constitutional change. She answered all my many questions, as well as provided constructive feedback on what I had written in my draft. As someone who had never worked with legislation before, her guidance eased the process.

In addition to her support for my constitutional change, she is always providing immense amounts of support to me in my role as VP of Service. She is more than happy to listen to my brainstorming ideas for service events, as well as provide advice for logistics when I don’t know what to do. Despite Cassandra living off campus, she makes it a point to attend some of the service events being offered. If she can’t attend, she sends her support as we head off on whatever project we may be working with at the time.

Furthermore, Cassandra is supportive of me as a student and as a person. She is interested in where I want to go in life and is always willing to help me find the ways to get there. When I feel overwhelmed or when something doesn’t go quite like I planned, she is there to offer comforting words and a pep talk to help me collect myself and get back on track. As a student pursing a career in student affairs, I know that I can count on Cassandra to answer any questions I may have about the field or help me get connected to resources that will help me prepare to serve students one day. Cassandra has taken the time to get to know me on a personal level: to learn what is important to me and why I am the person who I have become. This is an encouraging feature to have in an advisor.

In addition to all the support Cassandra has provided me personally, she has been a huge advocate for our NRHH chapter. She has worked very closely with other members of the executive board and myself to help get our name out around NC State’s campus. She has worked to help build the bridge between our NRHH chapter and our IRC. She worked hard to create an atmosphere where both NRHH members and IRC members can work collaboratively.

I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to get to know and work with Cassandra. She is an invaluable resource for NC State, as well as the students that she serves. She works incredibly hard to support her student leaders as they work hard to grow their respective organizations. I can say I’m not sure what I would do without Cassandra. NC State is truly blessed to have her.

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