Month: December 2017


Spotlight of the Month

School: University of Nevada, Reno Region: IACURH
Nominee: Peavine Hall's Staff Nominator: Rebecca Franssen

On-Campus Population: 2900 Chapter Size: 29

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

The staff of Peavine is composed of sixteen people: thirteen RAs, an Academic Mentor, and two RDs. And during the month of December, they were able to efficiently close their residence hall for winter break while keeping up with the shenanigans the month of December brings.

At the beginning of December, the staff found out that Peavine would be open to students who wanted to stay for the winter semester. This was uncharted territory for Peavine's staff, and they were bombarded with several questions from residents. The whole team handled this well-- answering questions to the best of their abilities and providing resources to students who wanted to stay over the break. Each floor also held community meetings, where yet again, the staff relayed this information as well as crucial closing information to the students. The student staff of Peavine was extremely accommodating and informative during this time, and it was demonstrated by how knowledgable the residents were about closing and winter semester housing.

In the midst of this period where the staff was preparing for closing and finals, Peavine flooded. The flood crew consisting of the RAs on duty, volunteers from other halls, and professional staff were able to handle the situation with ease. The flood crew got the situation under control within ninety minutes. Because of their diligent mopping and quick response from maintenance, the flood didn't spread. They worked well as a team and were able to communicate exactly what they needed.

When it came to finals, the staff of Peavine was in study-mode. However, half of them took time out of their day to support the hall council in their prep day programming. The Academic Mentor, held tutoring hours at the program for the hall council- and he was able to help a lot of residents with their academics. Once finals week hit, the staff of Peavine had to juggle closing tasks while taking finals, which is easier said then done. Each set of floor-partners were in constant communication to ensure residents were being checked out, paperwork was being filled out, and additional tasks were taken care of. If one floor couldn't do a check-out, staff from another floor would offer to help out. This balance allowed everyone on staff to have a successful finals week. And this camaraderie was essential to the whole team getting their jobs done, and it showed during room check day.

Room check day happened the Thursday after finals were over. Checking rooms is a daunting, time consuming process, but this was nothing for the Peavine staff. Within three hours, all 180 rooms were checked, policy violations were submitted, and a damages spreadsheet for each floor was sent in. It was impressive how quickly this team was able to work, and it was due largely in part to the flawless communication of the floor-partners and everyone on the team being willing to help.

Behind this team are the GRD and RD whose support led this team to victory. At the prep day program, the RDs walked through several times to show their support. During the flood, the RDs came and helped out even though they weren't required to respond to the incident. Additionally, they held game nights to provide the staff with study breaks. The RDs really showed how much they cared about the staff, from handling mid-finals-meltdowns to answering every question thrown at them.

December for the Peavine staff can be described by a few words: teamwork, support, communication, and efficiency. They handled everything thrown at them and more, and they're truly deserving of this nomination.

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