Month: December 2017


Organization of the Month

School: University of Nevada, Reno Region: IACURH
Nominee: The Nevada Chapter Nominator: Rebecca Franssen

On-Campus Population: 2900 Chapter Size: 29

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

As President of the Nevada Chapter of NRHH, I am so blown away by the amazing work this chapter has done in the month of December to advance the chapter and our mission to provide recognition and service to the residence halls at the University of Nevada, Reno.

The first weekend of December was quite busy for the Nevada Chapter on the first, the VP of Recognition held our second annual snOw-T-M Writing Party. This event was quite the success. Many folks showed up to write OTMs, and we even had support from hall council members, professional staff members, and student staff. The rest of the weekend was dedicated to our Harry Potter themed fall induction. This induction ceremony was the most magnificent event I've ever seen the chapter put on. The walls were covered in tablecloths that looked like brick, there were pennants for each Hogwarts house, and there was even butterbeer prepared for everyone to enjoy. Every detail ranging from the background music to the script to the photo backdrop was absolutely perfect. There was not a better way for the chapter to welcome our five new members. We ended the semester by hosting a plastic bag drive for all of the residence halls. The service committee, led by the VP of Service, placed collection bins in each residence hall. The committee coordinated advertisements and social media outreach with the VP of Public Relations, and because of their hard work, they were able to collect over 800 bags to donate to a local non-profit. Overall, these three events executed by the chapter really emphasized our values of service and recognition while celebrating the induction of five fabulous new members.

During the month of December, the Nevada Chapter held two general meetings where members were presented with business regarding matters ranging from offering chapter support to folks running for the Regional Board of Directors to voting on new legislation. Throughout these meetings, everyone was extremely engaged and attentive even though finals were right around the corner. We even had a special guest, Angelyn the UNLV NRHH President, attend a meeting to really try to bond with our sister school. During all business the chapter saw, everyone was intentional with their questions and discussion points, showing they cared about the advancement of the chapter. They even amended an amendment to ensure the legislation being passed was as beneficial for the chapter as possible. This legislation was directly tied to recognition, and everyone's care for recognition was demonstrated in their efforts to make this piece of legislation as intentional as possible. To make sure the chapter was still bonding during these heavy business meetings, the VP of Membership Recruitment and Retention set up a secret sparkle gift exchange where members of the chapter could exchange gifts and have fun.

December was also a great time to start assessing the chapter, so an assessment was sent out for members to fill out. The responses from the chapter were very thoughtful and meaningful, showing that this group really wants to see the chapter grow. From there, the Executive Board met during finals to evaluate the assessment and come up with a game plan for the next semester. This board never fails to amaze me, they always want to work harder and try something new.

Overall, the work done by the Nevada Chapter has not only upheld the values of service and recognition, but advanced the chapter. Their intentionality and efforts to serve their community are inspiring, and there's no doubt the Nevada Chapter will go far next semester.

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