Month: March 2018


Advisor of the Month

School: Arizona State University-Tempe Region: IACURH
Nominee: Jaylyn Greer-Jones Nominator: Mary McNamara

On-Campus Population: 12000 Chapter Size: 120

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

"Challenges in life always seek leaders, and leaders always seek challenges" - Wayde Goodall.

No advisor at ASU-Tempe challenges the capacity of our student leaders to make a difference better than Jaylyn Greer-Jones. As a Community Director for the Barrett Honors College Community, a representative for Sun Devils Unite (a campus extension of United Way), and the advisor for the Barrett Residential Council, Jaylyn is constantly developing students and their leadership abilities in a variety of ways. As someone with professional housing experience who is highly passionate about developing student leaders, she contributes a great deal to our institution. In the month of March, Jaylyn especially impacted ASU- Tempe's ' RHA and NRHH, as well as student leaders from other campuses!

At the beginning of March, Jaylyn gave a presentation at the ASU-Tempe RHA General Council meeting where she challenged students to recognize hunger and homelessness in the Phoenix community, and address it accordingly. She provided an interactive presentation that ended with a call to action for community councils to raise funds for Sun Devils Unite. Her own council was able to raise $800 before March had even ended! Additionally, Jaylyn helped guide members of her community council towards successful programs. Her success as an advisor to BRC led to the decision of community council members to run for RHA Executive Board positions and NRHH Director positons! Jaylyn understands that students have the capacity to take on these responsibilities, and more, and it has shown in the students she oversees. Her community assistants have been involved in a variety of ways, including one who currently serves as the Transportation Chair for NACURH and one who helped oversee the period project to get female residents access to free hygienic products.

Additionally, Jaylyn was chosen to be the advisor for the Arizona Residential Leadership Conference (ARLC) which took place in the middle of March. The conference brings together schools from the state of Arizona to learn from one another and network amongst each other as students, faculty, and aspiring professionals. Jaylyn challenged students to attend programs from other schools, reach out to people they had never met before, and she even has conversations with the ASU- Tempe NCC about ways that we can improve as a delegation moving forward. From playing brain games with delegates from various campuses to ensuring everyone was having a wonderful ARLC experience, Jaylyn helped enhance the conference experience above and beyond what was expected of her. Even before the conference began, Jaylyn was on top of her game, helping to choreograph roll call using her skills as a Zumba instructor.

Finally, Jaylyn practices what she preaches! She doesn't just challenge other students to be better, but also challenges herself to be the best advisor she can be. She is involved in the community in so many different ways. On top of everything previously mentioned, she also serves as an advisor for the NACURH conference, is seeking to become ART certified, and never misses an opportunity to affirm the hard work of her students. She reminds students they should always strive to include others, saying "Diversity is inviting all kinds of great people to the party, but inclusion is dancing with all of them". She reminds all students to be inclusive in whatever they pursue, and she remains an advisor to those that leave BRC, or assume different roles as leaders on campus. Without her, many of us would not be where we are today. As the former BRC treasurer and someone who worked with her since my freshman year of college, I know she deserves the utmost recognition.

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