Month: March 2018


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: Oakland University Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Vivianna Rubles Nominator: Morgan Sumpter

On-Campus Population: 2,700 Chapter Size: 27

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

In the month of March Vivi represented Oakland University at the GLACURH Region Business Conference, coordinated winter recruitment, induction, an OTM writing party, executive board nominations, and lead the chapter through a complete constitution makeover.

On March 9th Vivi and the rest of the OU delegation left to go to Eastern Michigan University to attend RBC 2018. Vivi prepared Eric, the NRHH CC-IT, for board room, went over the legislation, and she yielded her speaking rights so Eric would get the chance to speak. At RBC 2018 Vivi was awarded NRHH President of the Year, a Golden MOWII, earned her four-year service pin and was selected to be inducted into the Advancement Society by the region. When the delegation returned to Oakland, Eric mentioned how Vivi’s positivity radiated throughout the conference and inspired others around her.

After Vivi returned from RBC, she picked up with NRHH recruitment. She made an advertisement, put together a recruitment service program with the VP of Service, cleaned the NRHH office for a tour, and spoke at the RHA meeting gaining over 50 nominations in the month of March. Vivi created a comfortable environment for candidate members where they could make dog toys, fleece blankets, and eat pie while having conversation and learning about NRHH. The candidate members got to experience how accepting the NRHH family is and applied to join this semester.

Once recruitment was over Vivi dove into planning induction while also putting together an NRHH selection committee to help decide on new members. Vivi, her two advisors, and three graduate assistants reviewed the applications to select members to be inducted. On March 25 induction was held for the new members with a brunch theme, recognition for all of the hard work the chapter has done. Vivi got to proudly inducted thirteen members into NRHH this March. The new members expressed how Vivi inspired them to join NRHH through her optimism, love of service, recognition, and the support she provided for anyone with questions or concerns about NRHH.

On March 26 we had a NRHH meeting that had legislation and nomination for next year’s executive board. Vivi lead the chapter through ten pieces of legislation with the help of the advisors and executive board. After all the legislation passed the entire constitution had been redone. When we moved into nominations Vivi just passed new e-board positions/changes and nomination process. Vivi went over the new information, made sure everyone understood, and explained Robert’s Rules which made the nominations go smoothly. Vivi was supportive of chapter during this complex and long meeting. The ice breakers helped to keep the energy light and introduce everyone.

Lastly on March 29, Vivi prepared an OTM writing party for all of housing. Vivi worked to prepare OTM examples, collect tips, tricks, and print guides for attendees. Housing member from all communities came to this event to learn about OTMs and receive information. Even those who have been writing OTMs for years learned new information and found this even to be helpful.

Throughout the month of March Vivi has helped OU’s NRHH Chapter get recognized and grow more. Vivi deserves to be executive board member of the month because of her dedication to NRHH and the fact that this girl bleeds blue and white. Vivi’s as loyal as a President can get and her pages aren’t blank but written with her experiences. Vivi deserves to be executive board member of for the month of March because 600 words isn’t enough to describe Vivi’s efforts this month alone but because out chapter would be the same without her.

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