Month: March 2018


Organization of the Month

School: Shippensburg University Region: CAACURH
Nominee: SU Animal Alliance Nominator: Kaelin Lynott

On-Campus Population: 1900 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

SU Animal Alliance is one of the most caring, and genuinely heartwarming organizations at Shippensburg University. The members work tirelessly every day to provide a safe place for all animals, whether by advocating for their needs, or by ensuring the animals in our community are taken care of. Each day, one member of the alliance feeds our campus cats at 7:30AM, which is no easy task. Feeding these campus cats not only provides them with sustenance that they don't receive in the wild, but it also allows for the organization to track new cats coming to campus that potentially need to be neutered or spayed. Feeding them in the same place at the same time makes it easy to perform the internationally approved and used method of Trap, Neuter, Release which aims to prevent the overpopulation of cats in the wild as 60-70% of these kittens die within a year of their birth. The organization also volunteers for the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter (CVAS) every week. At the shelter, the members walk the dogs, take care of the cats, help the potential owners find the perfect animal for them, and perform miscellaneous tasks such as cleaning. The members also volunteer to attend Pet Smart adoption days in order to show the public how great it is to "adopt don't shop, "while also hoping one of the individuals decides they would like to adopt one of the dogs the shelter brought that day.

That was a little explanation of all of the daily and weekly tasks performed by each of the members. In the month of March, this organization was able to participate in a multitude of events that helped raise awareness of the organization as well as perform important fundraising events that benefited the animals in our community. Their efforts in the month of March went towards helping out at CVAS for their annual Easter Hound Hunt on March 25th, planning a booth to be held outside of the library on March 29th, and putting together a table and drink for the annual Mocktails event held by the Residence Hall Association on March 29th as well. First came the exciting volunteer opportunity at the Easter Hound Hunt. The club had about 15 members attend the event, which helped raise money for CVAS by having members of the Cumberland Valley community's dogs participate in an Easter Egg hunt in the field behind the shelter. There were around 4,500 eggs that the organization placed an hour before registration, and helped set-up the tables for registration and a bake sale. The cost was $5 to participate,and an extra $5 if they wanted to get pictures with their dogs next to the Easter Bunny. Members stayed the full time to help clean up afterwards. The next event was a booth to educate the community on the issues with owning an animal that demands a lot of care and attention while being a college student. CVAS brought 8-week-old puppies to the booth, and if the students paid a dollar, they were able to get puppy kisses. This helped raise money for both the food for the cats on campus, and for CVAS. Participating in the Mocktails event, in which all organizations on campus were invited to compete against each other and make their own creative non-alcoholic drinks with ingredients they sent in beforehand so RHA could buy everything themselves, was their opportunity to spread the word about their cause. All of the hard work and dedication shown by this organization is why I believe they should be awarded the March Of the Month award.

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