Month: April 2018


Student Staff Member of the Month

School: Colorado State University Region: IACURH
Nominee: Hannah Cowie Nominator: Devon Hudiburg

On-Campus Population: 6039 Chapter Size: 30

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

To describe in so few words all the good Hannah Cowie has done for the residents of the Colorado State University campus would be an injustice. However, being bound to 600 words or less, I will try my best. Throughout this year Hannah Cowie, who is Vice President of Advocacy and Service in National Residence Hall Honorary, has not only acted as a leader and mentor to those within her own organization, but took it upon herself to be there for all residents on campus. This is evident in her passion and dedication to her role of advocacy and service, for her its not just a position but a personal mission that she embodies in her personal life. One example of this is “The Paper Bag Crew”, which focuses on feeding food-insecure individuals on the CSU campus, whether that be student, staff, or faculty. Food-insecurity is a passion of Hannah’s and that is clear on how well the program has been doing. Her professionalism and dedication to this issue created a fantastic program that has benefited countless individuals in our community. While Hannah Cowie has many amazing accomplishments, it can be argued that her most impressive accomplishment this year is her ability to be an influential mentor, like she was for me. As a member of her Advocacy and Service committee, I have been able to witness firsthand how fully she dedicates herself to the people she is close to. You know when she asks you how you are, it is not out of politeness but out of genuine interest. She is more than willing to sit down with you and talk about whatever is happening in your life, whether that be something your excited about or something you are concerned with, and feel it with you. As a full time student, with two jobs, and many leadership positions, it is no surprise that she has a very busy schedule. This has never stopped her from caring about her own students like the time she talked to me. I was having a very difficult time, I had some personal issues that were weighting heavily on me and I didn’t think that anyone was going to care about my problems. Hannah proved me wrong when she saw me struggling and took me aside to talk about it. She listened for over an hour listening to my story and afterwards she talked it out with me. She shared her own personal experiences with these issues which made my concerns feel much more valid and gave me more confidence. She then took even more time out to give me resources and advice so I can figure out a solution, this was really wonderful because it showed she didn’t just listen but she cared enough to learn how to grow and deal with my problems instead of letting them lie. This shows how well she is as a mentor because every instance becomes a learning opportunity she can gently educate us on. She is constantly going above and beyond and has made a heavy impact on my life, this is why she deserves to be recognized this month.

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