Month: April 2018


Spotlight of the Month

School: NC State University Region: SAACURH
Nominee: NRHH Service Raleigh Group Nominator: Alli Colley

On-Campus Population: 8500 Chapter Size: 85

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Every April, NC State participates in an event called Service Raleigh. Over the past few years, the Iota Rho Gamma chapter of NRHH has organized a group of volunteers to get together at 8am on a Saturday to participate in this event. This year was no exception, and NRHH was able to get a group of 11 volunteers to agree to participate. Along with four other individuals not affiliated with NRHH, we were assigned to go to the Cooleemee Open Space and work with a group called Adopt-A-Park to remove invasive plant species. There was even a resident of the neighborhood who came out to help clean up the area with the group of volunteers.

When we arrived at the site, we found that we were actually in a neighborhood, but that there were patches of forest space that were being overrun with vines. We met with Drew, who was one of the leaders of the Adopt-A-Park, and he gave us a lot of information. Our group was given a brief overview of the plants to cut and the plants to keep, and then shown how to use the various tools, such as lobbers, clippers, and pruning saws. The Adopt-A-Park volunteers even brought the NRHH group granola bars, fruit snacks, and waters. Then, we were sent out to do our best and help improve the Open Space.

One small group went immediately to what seemed to be the biggest challenge. The big tree was completely covered in vines, and Drew said that with all of those vines it wouldn’t be able to survive much longer. Four of the volunteers went over to that tree and got quickly to work. The group affectionately named the tree Bryan, and felt responsible for making sure that Bryan was able to survive. Their work on the tree took about two hours, but by the time they were finished Drew said that they had effectively saved the trees life.

Other groups decided to be more broadly focused, going around and cutting vines in different areas of the little park. At one point, three people were working on getting one vine off of a tree and when it came off they all fell down. One of the volunteers fell onto his back and got the wind knocked out of him. Somehow, he didn’t let this stop him. He immediately got back up to continue working to save the trees in the park. But he wasn’t the only one who fell over during the four hours at the park. There were numerous times that someone was pulling on a vine and fell down, or slipped and fell down a hill. There were no serious injuries, and everyone hopped right back up and didn’t let it slow them down. Their commitment to volunteering kept them going.

All together, the volunteers stayed at the Cooleemee Open Space for four hours working. The NRHH group really put their all into making sure that that the Cooleemee Open Space not only was functional but looked great for the residents of the area. Before leaving, the group got together to take a picture to commemorate the event. Some of the volunteers climbed into one of the big trees, and the rest gathered around to get in the picture. While many people might have complained about spending their morning working outside, the Service Raleigh NRHH group had a great experience working to cut out invasive species. With luck, the group will be able to go back next year to check out the progress of the park, and continue to help the trees survive.

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