Month: April 2018


Resident Assistant of the Month

School: University of Wisconsin - River Falls Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Jacob McPherson Nominator: Jessica Reagan

On-Campus Population: 2300 Chapter Size: 23

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

The end of the year can be very challenging for RA's to find the energy and motivation to finish on a high note. For Jacob McPherson, nothing could be further from the truth. During the month of April, Jacob has put an exclamation mark on his time as a resident assistant for Stratton Hall.

During the month of April, Jacob was an outstanding staff member for many reasons. One example includes a student he helped tremendously as they were going through a rough time. Jacob's focus was always on making sure the student would be all right. Jacob noted that the student told him that he was the only person they told about what they were going through and how hard things were for them. Jacob not only helped this student during multiple evenings of distress, but also has helped them find the motivation and strength to finish out the semester.

Jacob has also been incredibly supportive of Hall Council and Signature Events during the month of April. Jacob helped set up for every single event held in Stratton Hall, stayed at each event in their entirety, and stayed to help clean up and help in any way he could throughout the month. Jacob was also supportive of other events on campus and of his fellow staff members. For example:

April 9th and 18th: Jacob helped the Stratton Hall Council with their traditional events, Donut Stress. At these events, Jacob was bright eyed and cheery at 7am to help set up for the events, often arriving before Hall Council members arrived! He stayed at both events and cracked jokes as people grabbed coffee and donuts. Over two hours later, for both events, Jacob helped the Hall Council clean up and made sure that they also had good days.

April 5th: Jacob supported one of his fellow RA’s and brought residents to the Dance Theater Show on campus. Jacob’s support at the Dance Theater Show meant the world to his fellow RA, and to his other peers who were in the show.

April 17th: Jacob assisted at two Signature Events; Stratton Snacks and DIY Name Signs. These two events, which totaled over three hours, were made infinitely better by Jacob’s enthusiastic presence and energy. Jacob was extremely helpful in setting up heavy tables and helping clean utensils and supplies during and after these events.

April 24th: Jacob was a point person for the Stratton Hall Spring BBQ. He helped carry tables outside, start the grills, carry out additional supplies, served as a DJ, and greeted dozens of students by name as they came to the event, including students from multiple other buildings!

April 30th: Jacob helped with the final Hall Council event of the year; Muffin Monday. Similar to the Donut Stress events, Jacob was present and engaging with students from early in the morning until well after the event ended. Jacob knows how to make others feel cared for and known in the halls because of the relationships he has built.

Jacob has shown that he is genuinely passionate about all aspects of his position, which is clear from his involvement and dedication during the month of April. However, this has been the trend for Jacob throughout the year. Jacob’s character and work ethic speak volumes to the outstanding leader he is. As his time as an RA comes to a close, Jacob’s legacy will be one of unconditional support, laughter, and encouragement. I am so thankful for the work Jacob has put into his role and for the lives, he has changed as an RA in Stratton Hall.

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