Month: April 2018


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: Florida Gulf Coast University Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Emily Markovich Nominator: Kelsey Habermehl

On-Campus Population: 4700 Chapter Size: 47

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

With finals and graduation quickly approaching, this individual took it upon herself to make this last month at Florida Gulf Coast University one to remember. As the president of The Eagle Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary, Emily made it her mission to welcome in the new incoming executive board as well as make sure that she left her legacy within the chapter. Many would think that it was impossible to manage a heavy academic work load, apply to graduate schools, get accepted to graduate schools while completing her assigned job responsibilities as a Residence Life Team Assistant, president of NRHH, and a member of Kappa Delta sorority. Emily did all of this and more with a smile and it is her attitude and kind heart that inspires those around her.

The month of April held many ups and downs for the NRHH chapter at FGCU, but Emily made it her own responsibility to help with every event and opportunity for growth of the chapter that she could. She assisted the chapter completion of the penny wars as well as helped the NRHH Treasurer plan and organize the logistics of Inductions. Going beyond her duties, Emily created a meeting where the outgoing Executive Board and new incoming board were able to sit down and talk about how to do their jobs as well as ways that they can continue to grow the chapter. This was very beneficial to the development of a success chapter because the new incoming E-Board is coming in prepared and with new ideas to implement service and recognition within the organization.

Another difficult component of leadership that Emily had to perform was having the difficult talk with the E-board about adding new amendments to the constitution that some of the other members felt very passionate against. Emily introduced these topics and explained why they were going to benefit the entire chapter and not just one person in addition to making sure that each member felt heard. Dealing with conflict in the E-Board was no easy task, but Emily handled every concern with passion and understanding. She smiled through the hardships and continued to work diligently so every member was heard and understood.

In addition to finding a balance between academics and student leadership positions, Emily was accepted into Clemson University with a desire to continue her education in student affairs. She managed to find time to complete all of her responsibilities and learned what it meant to say no and take care of herself. As the stress began to build up, Emily was suffering from some personal medical conditions and the stress continued to make the condition worse. Emily finally began to realize that a successful leader is not one who says yes to everything, but rather one that will say yes to what they can handle and complete the responsibly to the best of her ability. Finding balance between self care and dedicating her time to her studies has really shown Emily's desire to succeed in all of her endeavors.

Emily will be able to accomplish anything she puts her mind too and she will do it with a smile. She will bend over backwards to help support those around her and she will make sure that her team make it from point A to point B with no one left behind. Whether it be participating in service events put on by the chapter, or recognizing other members of the general body for their hard work, she truly shines bright like a diamond and embodies the characteristics of service, leadership, scholastics and recognition.

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