Month: April 2018


Residential Community of the Month

School: University of California, San Diego Region: PACURH
Nominee: Building 707 Nominator: Darrin Wilson

On-Campus Population: 10700 Chapter Size: 47

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

The residential community that I wanted to highlight for the month of April is my residence hall (filled with mostly first-year students) known as 707. Although the residential community has had problems, the effort that the residents of the building have made in order to resolve problems and make the most out of the experience in the residence halls has made me feel as though it is worth noting their progress.

In the month of April, there has been a lot of people in the community feeling very tired from experiencing most of their first year experience. With this fatigue, there has been more conflicts coming from smaller things that have been non-issues in the pass. There is an understanding that some problems aren't necessarily the fault of residents in the building, such as issues with plumbing or toilets in shared spaces such as the communal bathrooms, tensions still arise from these areas. However, although some things are getting to the residents, there is clearly an effort being made for residents to recognize each other's differences, and figure out ways so that each of the parties can be satisfied. Making compromises takes a lot of strength and effort at times, and can hurt an individual's pride, so I appreciate the small strides that residents are making even though everyone is tired.

Along with this, my building still feels as though it is welcoming through the small interactions that I have or witness with each of the residents. Although there are some residents that I never actually see hang out with each other, especially with how most of my male and female residents interact with each other, I still see people having big smiles and waving at each in the times where the residents leave for class at the same time or come back at the same time. They also still make an active effort to try to join in on the same classes and be in the same discussion sections, so that they can help each other with work and studying that comes up while taking the same classes. The proactive effort to try to do things as communities, or smaller communities when they have suite outings, is something that I can appreciate since I understand the difficulties that come with transitioning into second-year students outside of residence hall living.

Although there is collective success in the building through working out problems in the community, I also want to recognize the great things that the individuals are doing on their own time. There are multiple athletes in the building that have to wake up extremely early to practice, while juggling the responsibilities of being full-time students and excelling in the sports that they are participating in. Some of these include water polo, fencing, volleyball, and softball. Along with this, many students are also balancing their time between being students while working in on- campus restaurants and markets. Residents of the building are also known to be part of many other big things, such as cultural celebrations, plays, dance performances, and internships related to their prospective career paths.

With how the residents of 707 are managing to balance their own lives, while still making an effort with their building community, I nominate Building 707 for an April OTM.

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