Month: May 2018


Residential Community of the Month

School: University of Akron Region: CAACURH
Nominee: Emerging Leader Community Nominator: Matthew Hohman

On-Campus Population: 2,800 Chapter Size: 28

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

The Emerging Leaders program at the University of Akron is intended to facilitate the development and education of young student leaders so that they may leave the program with the skills necessary to successfully lead a group of people. Through the cooperative training sessions and living in residence halls where communication is encouraged, a community unlike any other is formed between the approximately 100 freshmen Emerging Leaders. Many students at the University of Akron who chose not to participate in the program regret their decision when they see groups of twenty or more Emerging Leaders playing sports together in the quad or eating dinner together. While the Emerging Leaders program is primarily intended to facilitate a leadership education, it also forms bonds and friendships between students that will last a lifetime. The community that has developed in Ritchie, Sisler-Mcfawn, and Honors Complex (5th Floor) is unlike any other at the University of Akron and especially showed its strength in the month of May.

In May, while the end of the semester rolls around and so do finals, a lot of emotions fill university residence halls. Students are relieved that the semester is almost over, typically very stressed over final exams, and sad to say goodbye to close friends. While these emotions might become an issue in some residential communities, the Emerging Leaders supported each other through this trivial time. Being a peer mentor in the program, I witnessed my residents identify what tests they had in common with other students and offer to form study groups so that the pressure of the final exam would not be placed on one student. Some Emerging Leaders who were done with their exams even offered help to students who were still studying if they had taken a particular exam in the past. While the students were sad to leave each other, they never said “goodbye”, only “see you later”. Groups of students formed group chats so that they could stay in contact over the summer. Some residents even made summer plans, such as trips to Cedar Point or to see Cleveland Indians baseball games. Additionally, some groups of residents are renting houses or apartments together next school year. The support system and the friendships made through the Emerging Leaders program are like none other. These special qualities were fully demonstrated in the month of May.

This residential community is also very effective in its leadership training. At the end of the year, many emerging leaders became new resident assistants or obtained various leadership positions in the Activities department of Residence Life and Housing. In May, Residence Hall Program Board and Residence Hall Council held a workshop for new and returning executive board members to introduce them to their positions and to get the ball rolling on activities planned for next year. To no surprise, the room was almost entirely filled with past emerging leaders. Not only does the Emerging Leader residential community create life-long friendships between students, it also ignites a passion in them to make a difference on their campus through being an effective leader.

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