Month: May 2018


Residence Life Professional Staff of the Month

School: Southern Oregon University Region: PACURH
Nominee: Allyson Beck Nominator: Noheli Serrano

On-Campus Population: 1100 Chapter Size: 20

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Words will never be able to fully describe how grateful I am to work with Allyson Beck. The hard work and determination she puts into her job daily deserves recognition alone, but its her never-ending support and care for me during the week and run of the NACURH conference that truly makes her an above and beyond advisor and role model.

On Monday May 21st, just four days before NACURH, I hit my head and got a mild concussion. I tried to just walk it off and continue what I was doing, but when I saw Allyson later that day for a housing meeting, an immediate look of concern spread across her face. She urged me to visit urgent care, but I told her that I was fine. She drove me back to the residence halls and told me to keep her updated. The following day I saw her again, and again she urged me to visit our student health and wellness center on campus. I promised her that I would, and when I left the doctor's office with the diagnosis of a mild concussion and orders to not attend classes for two days for cognitive rest, I went straight to her office. Immediately after telling her, she had me lay down in her office on the couch she has and began to start paper work for me. She asked our director of housing what papers she needed to fill out for me, and as the director of housing put a pillow underneath my head, Allyson went to work. She filed paper work for me and submit a cares report on me to the campus, letting my professors know that I will be missing classes and to grant me extensions. For the following two days of cognitive rest, Allyson would check in on me, making sure I was feeling better and extinguish any worries I had about missing assignments or even possibly missing out on attending NACURH. The day before our flight to Arizona, she had me call the doctor I saw and confirm that I'd be cleared for flying the next day, and after I was, she crossed it off of her list, which was the first thing on it. Her care and support didn't just stop here.

At NACURH, Allyson continued to make sure I was taken care of. The two of us sat outside Wells Fargo Arena during the last hour of opening ceremonies because the lights and loudness proved to be too much for me, and we talked about everything and anything. During the following days, she'd walk me back to the residence halls so I could rest and take naps in between sessions and mass gatherings, while still cracking jokes on the side. Despite me feeling like I was missing out, Allyson would assure me that taking care of myself is the number 1 priority. She attend the program I showcased during the conference to support me, and there was nothing more calming to me than seeing her sitting in the back.

Allyson Beck deserves recognition every month for everything she does for our department, but its her overwhelming support and generosity before and during NACURH that truly shows how above and beyond she goes for her students. Her kindness and care towards me during this whole situation (my concussion) has brought us closer and has given me a NACURH experience that I'll never forget. Her impact is what drives me to pursue student affairs, and it's her passion and support for her students that inspires me to continue growing as a student leader.

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