Month: May 2018


Student Staff Member of the Month

School: Colorado State University Region: IACURH
Nominee: The Fearless Maddie Wright Nominator: Hannah Cowie

On-Campus Population: 6039 Chapter Size: 30

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Being a CSU Orientation Leader is a testament to an individual's dedication to this school if there ever was one. Every weekday, every week, in the blazing heat from 8AM to 11PM or later, escorting and guiding incoming students around campus in CSU's legendary orientation program. Maddie Wright, Orientation Leader extraordinaire, has dedicated thousands of hours of her time to passionately advocating for her school and future CSU Rams. Orientation Leaders are the first face many new students see, and are available to support students, their families, and their coworkers all summer long. Starting before 8AM every day, Maddie helps new students find their rooms and roommates, then leads a group of new students around campus, memorizing more than fifty individual facts about CSU and our history. After, she guides students through conversations about healthy alcohol and drug usage at CSU, breaking through stigmas to prioritize student safety. Further, she will spend hours in the hot sun discussing sexual assault and safe sex practices with advocacy leaders and their student groups, supporting incoming survivors and connecting them with resources. She bravely addresses campus rape cultures, and tackles toxic attitudes before school has even begun. Only halfway done, Maddie will help facilitate nightly programs for students, helping them enjoy their first night on campus and working hard to keep students safe until midnight or later. Armed with a positive attitude and a brave face, Maddie will help orientation Resident Assistants keep the orientation team and their residents safe and happy, and will support students in any way she can. The next morning, she'll get out of bed hours before most of us would consider appropriate for a summer morning and help students move out, perform in a CSU pep rally in front of hundreds, and escort students around campus for their first academic meeting. Being an Orientation Leader is not glamorous, nor is it easy. In fact, the grueling training for this position started months before orientation started this summer, and involved an application and interview and was followed by many weekend and nighttime retreats and meetings throughout the end of the semester. It is a hard job that requires months of hard preparation and week after week of endless patience and enthusiasm. There is no one that better embodies the spirit of Ram Pride and serving students than Maddie Wright, a passionate leader and supporter of all. With her enthusiastic attitude and her endless patience, she is able to connect with and support all students, from introverts to extroverts, from STEM majors to those in interdisciplinary liberal arts. Maddie has a deep love for her school, and this is so evident through her careful preparation for this position. A hot summer of long, seemingly endless hours, with students who do not want to listen to hours of lectures or who forgot this-and-that essential item might seem like too big of a task for some, but not the fearless Maddie Wright. If there was ever a student staff member who, above all, stood out for her service to students, it was Maddie Wright. If there was ever a student staff member who selflessly gave months of her life to the safety of her campus and the students that live on it, it was Maddie Wright. If there was anyone I would want to be the first face at Colorado State University, it is Maddie Wright.

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