Month: May 2018


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: University of South Florida Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Erica O'Brien Nominator: Gianna Rivellini

On-Campus Population: 5400 Chapter Size: 54

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

As our NRHH and RHA advisor so eloquently has said, “NACURH is exhausting.” As you canexpect, he was right but that did not stop our National Communications Coordinator (NCC) from showcasing the leader within her at this year’s annual NACURH conference. Pun intended, our NCC shined like the star she is and it is time for her to get her Broadway moment.

The month of May brought a whirlwind of responsibility onto Erica O’Brien as she was quickly and fully immersed into her role as the University of South Florida’s brand new NCC. Finals week coincided with our first NACURH delegation meeting and Erica put her talents to work as she navigated through everybody’s stresses and personalities in the initial introduction. With no previous conference experience, a small transition period, and high expectations placed upon her shoulders, Erica began to direct our delegation like I have never before seen. From picking our delegation’s theme to helping decide how we wanted to go about constructing our clothespins, Erica was there every step of the way during pre-NACURH preparation.

The week prior to our departure to Arizona State University, Erica would check-in on our delegation via GroupMe to ensure that we had any and all information we might have needed for the weekend. Her lingo showed that she had our best interest at heart and a phrase she used often included something of the likes of “please let me know what I can do to make the conference a better experience for you all.” Above all else Erica wanted to ensure that we all felt prepared and excited to attend NACURH together and it is because of her that we all had the time that we did.

Throughout our weekend at NACURH, Erica truly exemplified how great of an NCC she truly is and will be. Attending a conference of this caliber is no easy feat, but Erica handled everything NACURH threw at her with grace and poise. Attending Corporate Business is something all NCC’s are expected to do and Erica handled learning the legislation like a champ. She was well informed and ready to vote prior to Corporate starting and her knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order set her up for success. She was more than eager to get her name on the minutes which is something rare for new NCC’s.Outside of attending Corporate, Erica made it a point to attend programming sessions that not only would benefit and enhance USF’s RHA and NRHH, but would also benefit and enhance her time as NCC. She even joined a group chat comprised of NCC’s throughout the country to better stay connected with and bounce ideas off of other people in her shoes.

Above all else, Erica’s ability to adapt to her surroundings gave her the edge our delegation needed. Without a doubt Erica was able to fit herself to what was going around her which gave her the flexibility she needed to handle the stress our delegation put her through as well as the stress we put each other through. Erica was able to mediate and alleviate any and all tension that arised from our sleep deprived and often cranky group and she made it a point to provide positivity and encouragement when she knew we needed it most.

Erica has showcased a great strength through her experience at NACURH and she has shown just how passionate she is for both our institution and the SAACURH region. Her determination, enthusiasm, poise, and willingness to learn are just a few reasons why she is deserving of an OTM for this month.

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