Month: May 2018


Advisor of the Month

School: Truman State University Region: MACURH
Nominee: Megan Swingle Nominator: Aaron Pile Jr.

On-Campus Population: 2600 Chapter Size: 26

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Advisors across MACURH as well as NACURH go to great lengths to put their students first to allow them to better grow as leaders, scholars, and individuals. During the month of May 2018, Megan Swingle has served Truman State University’s campus community in several key ways. At Truman, Megan serves as Centennial Hall’s hall director, she advises many organizations such as Residence Hall Association (RHA) and National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), and she also served as the advisor for Truman’s NACURH 2018 Annual Conference delegation.

As the school year wrapped up, Megan’s dedication and passion for her role as a hall director was eloquently displayed. As stress levels increase with final exams drawing near and residents beginning to check out of their dorms, Megan serves her staff by offering continual support for them. For the students checking out, their situation can become increasingly stressful as the deadline nears for when they must be completely checked out of their dorm. Megan consistently offers support to those students and continued to be understanding and flexible with each student’s individual situation.

As an advisor to Truman’s NACURH 2018 Annual Conference delegation, Megan made strides to offer as much support as she could to the group nine Truman students. Before the conference, Megan worked tirelessly with Truman’s NCCs (National Communication Coordinators) to ensure everyone arrived safely at the delegation’s rendezvous location before flying to Tempe, Arizona. Additionally, she also coordinated with everyone to ensure plane tickets were bought and arranged for each of the nine delegates. At each conference, Megan encourages Truman’s delegations to prepare and present programs and case studies. The night before the delegation left for the conference, Megan offered support and advice to each pair of students presenting a program and case study. Moreover, Megan prepared her own advisor program and presented it at the conference as well, thus further testifying to her dedication to NACURH involvement and her representation of Truman. Megan has been a fountain of support throughout May especially at the NACURH 2018 Annual Conference. During the conference, two types of case studies were presented, and Truman’s delegation elected to split in half and present on both topics. In the presentation room, there were four judges and no one else was allowed into the room unless they signed up beforehand. Megan wanted to support both presentation groups of the delegation, so she offered to sit and attend each case study as part of the audience. Her presence offered support and familiarity, especially for the case study group consisting of first-time NACURH Annual Conference delegates. Finally, Megan encouraged the delegation to have a good time and meet new people. Whether that be through attending late night entertainment offered at the conference, attending as many programs as possible, or spending time together as a delegation, Megan understood the importance of attending conferences to creating lasting relationships.

Once again, Megan truly exemplifies what it means to be an on-campus advisor within NACURH, MACURH, and on the campus level. Her direct involvement within the residence hall in which she serves as hall director, her involvement in numerous on-campus student-led organizations, and faithful contribution to Truman’s MACURH and NACURH delegations she advises attests to her skill and adept ability as a dedicated advisor. Not only do the students she advises feel comfortable around her, but she empowers them to pursue their full potential as a student-leader. Megan Swingle has continuously demonstrated this month and many times previously that she is deserving of the Advisor of the Month award for May 2018.

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