Month: May 2018


First Year Student of the Month

School: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Region: GLACURH
Nominee: Princess Davis Nominator: Rachael Amick

On-Campus Population: 4200 Chapter Size: 42

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Excitement. Dedication. Passion. Self-motivation. Ethics. These are the terms I would use to describe Princess Davis during the month of May. Princess, a first year student at UW- Milwaukee, was involved in her community council during her first year, but did not hold a formal leadership role. She desired to be involved, help her community, and make an impact on others, but didn’t know how. She eventually ran for a position on the Student Housing Administrative Council (SHAC/RHA)’s executive board for 2018-2019, deciding on the National Communications Coordinator role. She was also selected to be a member of UWM’s NACURH delegation. The delegation was mostly comprised of first-year students, with a few RAs.

In early May, the current NCC was removed from their position. Because of Princess’s enthusiasm and self-motivation, the SHAC Advisor and NACURH delegation advisors decided to have Princess take on her NCC role earlier than anticipated. She handled this with excitement and grace, pulling her team up instead of being overwhelmed with stress.

As a first time conference attendee, Princess was thrown into boardroom. While there were conversations about legislation and training on Robert’s Rules of Order before arriving, there is nothing that can quite prepare you for NACURH boardroom before you see it. During joint boardroom, Princess quietly and respectfully asked the NRHH CC questions throughout the process, and by the time they split for Corporate Boardroom, she was ready to go solo. She actively raised her placard, elbow locked, and wanted to be called on. She made a motion, and voted as the representative of her school. These tasks, while fun, she took very seriously. To her core, she believes in representing the students at UW-Milwaukee well.

Princess also presented a case study. Her group worked before to prepare their presentation, and spent time practicing during meals and evenings to feel confident. While they did not win, Princess said it was a good activity, team builder, and that she and her team learned a lot from the process.

At the last regional breakout, all NCCs were asked to stand. With the pressure from her peers cheering her on, Princess stood, and was given an NCC pin to showcase the hard work she put in this year. Everyone was so proud of her. Immediately following the session, however, Princess came up to her advisor and gave the pin back. Slightly shocked, the advisor asked why she did not want her pin. Princess stated that while she put in work for NACURH, she was not the NCC for the entire academic year like others in the room. She stated she did not want to devalue the pin by accepting it, and has the goal of returning to NACURH next year to receive a pin then, once she feels like she truly earned it. As a first year student, the amount of ethics and commitment to the organization she just joined was inspiring (…and obviously made her advisor cry…).

There were many firsts for Princess at NACURH. The first plane ride. The first boardroom session. The first time being around cheers and chants and peace, love, and polar bears. The first time going to programming sessions. The first time working on displays and flair. The first time presenting a case study. The first time leading her team as NCC. As a first year student, Princess deserves immense recognition for her hard work in the month of May, pushing herself through so many firsts. I am so excited to see what she does next year, and know I will be submitting many more OTMs about her in the future…

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