Month: May 2018


Student of the Month

School: University of Maryland, College Park Region: CAACURH
Nominee: Tre Broadwater Nominator: Aaron Hood

On-Campus Population: 12500 Chapter Size: 125

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

"Men are like stars. Some generate their own light, while others reflect the brilliance they receive." - Jose Marti

Tre Broadwater defies this quote because he generates his own light and also reflects the brilliance of others. Tre helps others around him be better by being his brilliant self. He demonstrated these qualities throughout a variety of experiences in the month of May. Tre’s experiences as a student in an academic course, an incoming RHA executive board member, and a delegate at the NACURH conference all gave him a platform to demonstrate his outstanding leadership qualities that impressed me throughout the month.

Tre was an active participant in a class designed for Resident Assistants at the University of Maryland (UMD). As the lecturer, I could routinely see people who were falling asleep or goofing off. However, Tre was consistently focused on the topics at hand and, during discussion breaks, he was engaged with those around to better understand the concepts and how they applied to them in their roles.

Tre is the incoming Student Groups and Organizations Liaison (SGOL) for RHA at UMD. Following his appointment in May, he strove to learn more about his position from the current SGOL so he has some working knowledge prior to diving into the position in the fall. The SGOL position works with a large number of groups outside of RHA and serves as a representative to those groups. There are a lot of moving pieces and meetings to attend in the position so he has been diligent in trying to understand what those are and why it's important that RHA is represented in those meetings. While Tre had a solid understanding of the position prior to applying and being appointed, he wanted to make sure that his beliefs about the position matched with reality and he seems more than prepared to take on the position starting this August.

In addition to the class and transitioning into the SGOL role, Tre attended NACURH 2018 at Arizona State University. He used the opportunity to learn more about what RHAs are doing around the country and was constantly having conversations with his peers in how he thought the sessions they were all going to applied to UMD. Tre has specific goals about helping the RHA executive board be better connected to their Hall and Area Councils and he attended sessions that would help him in that mission. He took lessons from a variety of presentations and applied them to the ideas he has for helping the internal workings of RHA at UMD.

Tre was an excellent bridge builder at NACURH 2018. He met people from schools across the country and built a personal network of leaders he can draw support and knowledge from during the year ahead. His networking inspired his peers to get to know other delegates and increase both the networks for their organization but also their personal networks as they continue on their own leadership path. Tre also took a lead in helping to gather the delegation to go to meals when the NCC and NRHH representatives were busy in boardrooms. He stepped into a leadership role to help the delegation support each other and find the pearls of wisdom they could extract to bring home to UMD.

Tre is one of those outstanding leaders who helps build up the people around him through his own brilliance. When serving in any role he shares the spotlight and is a wonderful role model for those around him. He’s an unselfish leader who helped the University of Maryland Community become better in May 2018.

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