Month: May 2018


Organization of the Month

School: University of California, San Diego Region: PACURH
Nominee: Sixth College Student Council Nominator: Michelle Mkhlian

On-Campus Population: 10700 Chapter Size: 47

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

The month of May was an especially lively time here in Sixth College. With four successful events, the members of the Sixth College Student Council demonstrated their passion for maintaining our tight-knit community. These various events focused on creating art, experiencing live music & festivities, and giving students opportunities to expand their horizons.

Throughout the quarter, the Sixth College Arts Committee hosted a Craft Series where students expressed their creative side. At the beginning of May, they held a Flower Crown and Mickey Ears making event. During the event, students were able to pick a headband or ribbon, and attach various flowers to make a beautiful piece of wearable art. This interactive program allowed students to step away from their stressful midterms for a bit.

Kuncocshun, Sixth’s annual music festival took place just one day later, and attendees were able to show off their artsy creations from the night before. The Sixth College Festivals Committee spent several months tirelessly organizing the festival that so many of us know and love. Attendees were greeted with delicious churros, ice cream, warm french fries, and savory Indian food. With many booths, and activities, there was never a dull moment during the event. Students could capture the moment by taking photos in the photo booth, entering the raffle to win a free t-shirt or sweater, or making a crown out of fresh flowers.

The highlight of this incredible event was when LA based Filipino artist, Neiman took the stage. It was cold, the weather was gloomy, and soon it began to drizzle. Rather than leave the event to get out out of the rain, the hyped up students danced, cheered, and sang along to all of his songs. The energy out on the field that day was absolutely electric, and I felt proud to be part of an organization that made that experience possible for so many students.

A week later, the Craft Series completed its run with a Guided Paint Night. Attendees were given a step-by-step demonstration on how to paint a vibrant galaxy by Sixth Alumni, Caroline Kim. Once they finished painting their stunning canvases, they were treated to a delicious dinner from Mendocino Farms. This program helped Sixers realize their artistic potential, and gave them a chance to re-center themselves.

Towards the end of the month, SCSC held one of it’s most-anticipated events of the year. Sixth Takes Disneyland is an annual event where students can purchase subsidized park hopper tickets, to go to the happiest place on Earth! Since we are about two hours away from Anaheim, and tickets usually aren’t very affordable, many students aren’t able to visit. This event provides them with transportation, and a ticket all at an affordable price. They were able to share the day with their closest Sixer friends, and make some really great memories.

All of these programs were highly impactful to our community, helping them recognize the power of art, and giving them an opportunity to experience something they might not have otherwise. What is the most incredible about all these events is that they were put on by students for students. SCSC is made up of a wonderfully dedicated, and immensely talented group of students who devote a huge part of their time to making sure other students can enjoy their college experience. Even though these leaders have their own exams to study for and assignments to complete, they make it a priority to coordinate a diverse set of events. I feel grateful to be a part of this organization that champions community, and creates memories that will last forever.

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