Month: June 2018


Resident Assistant of the Month

School: University of South Florida Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Zain Rahmat Nominator: Gia Rivellini

On-Campus Population: 5400 Chapter Size: 54

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

When one thinks of summer vacation in Florida, the smell of the ocean, heat of the sun, and feeling of toes in the sand floods the mind. Resident Assistants (RA’s) here at the University of South Florida (USF) often rush to experience this typical idea of summer relaxation, but one RA in particular created a different itinerary for himself.

The month of June marks the start of the Summer-B semester at USF and with a new semester comes the embarking of a new #ResEdventure for residents and RA’s. June 16th marked move-in day for Summer-B RA’s and amongst the first ones here was the eager Zain Rahmat.

Let me tell you a bit about my friend and coworker Zain. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside him for over a year and June has allowed me to experience him in his prime. While I’ve always seen Zain strive to reach new heights as an RA, this June has really topped the charts.

Prior to our June 16th move-in, Zain enrolled himself into the Summer-C semester which spans from May-August. In typical Zain fashion, he decided to take two of the hardest classes offered during the summer which is Organic Chemistry 2 and its accompanying lab. Since USF requires RA’s to go through mandatory training prior to starting the job each semester, Zain juggled his classes with our week long training schedule (June 16th-21st) that often spanned from 9am-6pm daily. Without any complaints Zain would sit through the RA sessions and would quietly excuse himself for class, only to return a few hours later ready to continue to re-learn the ins and outs of the position despite just coming from an exhausting Chemistry class.

June 22nd marked the part of the #ResEdventure when our Summer-B residents arrived, and Zain did everything in his power to ensure that his new residents felt welcomed to USF. From greeting them with a huge smile and offering to help move their stuff upstairs, to creating a pod worth living in, Zain ensured that the six weeks he’d have his residents would be one for the books.

As we know, RA’s don’t have the best sleeping habits and Zain is no exception. While his staffmates were fast asleep the night before move-in, Zain became the best interior pod decorator Juniper Hall has ever seen. With butcher block paper,, blue painter’s tape, and a lot of desperation, Zain turned his pod into a place that felt and looked like home with some Wreck It Ralph inspired wall art and accordingly themed bulletin boards. His residents were thrilled to see such a colorful space when they walked in the next morning and Zain’s thoughtful work paid off after an all-nighter.

Perhaps the most astounding thing Zain has exemplified this June is his generosity. Zain incorporated a Wreck it Ralph themed candy-car building activity in his first floor meeting in which he graciously spent quite a bit of his own money on so residents could have a lasting fondness of their first six weeks in college. Since then, Zain’s relationship with his residents has blossomed through his constant and continued support of them. He’s spent every night since move-in watching movies, giving them homework advice, having intentional conversations, and juggling his own studies (with the new addition of Calculus 2 on top of his Summer-C classes).

Zain is genuinely the perfect representation of a caring RA in how he’s interacted with his residents this June. He has gone above and beyond with the amount of time he’s spent with them which is why he deserves an OTM.

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