Month: June 2018


Organization of the Month

School: UNC Wilmington Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Orientation Leader Team Nominator: Rhianna Powell

On-Campus Population: 4200 Chapter Size: 41

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Throughout the month of June, the Orientation Leaders worked hard. Every day they met and educated new students of all ages and all backgrounds. Orientation is an extensive program at UNCW that packs a lot of information in a short amount of time. This can prove to be draining to students and their guests, but the Orientation team made it as enjoyable as possible with their seemingly tireless attitudes and their willingness to never stop winning students over.

On multiple occasions there were students coming to orientation that were not planning on staying overnight. During Day 1, so many students changed their mind about not staying on campus during orientation that housing had to figure out rooms last minute. This was one of the good problems at orientation! Not only were students changing their minds to stay on campus during orientation, but on multiple occasions there were students asking how to get on-campus housing during the fall after they said they were going to be living off campus! These responses to the vibes at orientation are a direct reflection of the attitudes and willingness to share from the Orientation team.

The Orientation Leaders collaborated together to build up an inclusive environment for all students. The Leaders went beyond lengths asked of them. Almost every day they worked longer than they were on the clock, just because they wanted to make the student's experiences memorable. There were Orientation Leaders going out of their way to make sure that their students were everywhere they needed to be, on time, and with everything they needed (meal tickets especially).

There was no requirement for the Orientation Leaders to talk to the students that were quiet, and even if there was, there wasn't always someone watching the Orientation Leaders to see if they were reaching out or not, they just did it anyway. This is how I know this Orientation team did a phenomenal job. Even the quietest students came to these Leaders and talked with them and shared with them personal experiences and why they are excited to come to UNCW.

Orientation is a big deal. If it goes poorly for a student, they will sit all summer feeling as if they made the wrong decision. The Orientation team made it their mission this month to make sure that every student felt like they made the best decision possible, and that those who were questioning it, are no longer questioning their choice. And this team exceeded these goals.

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