Month: June 2018


Student of the Month

School: University of Central Florida Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Fatheheya Iguel Nominator: Brooke Buttacavoli

On-Campus Population: 12000 Chapter Size: 62

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Every organization has its one student leader that goes above and beyond within their position and goes the extra mile to make a difference, and help others. Fatheheya Iguel, a University of Central Florida student is just that student leader. Fatheheya is a student leader within Volunteer UCF that goes the extra mile to make others feel welcome, and not only completes tasks on time, but goes the extra mile with the tasks she takes on. Throughout the month of June, Fatheheya has worked super hard to assist with planning Volunteer UCF’s 5th Annual Drive- In Conference that invites other student leaders and professional staff to UCF’s campus to collaborate, network, and be more educated on the program of Alternative Breaks. Fatheheya has been working extra hard to make sure this drive-in conference flows well, and that everyone in attendance learns a lot, but also enjoys their time. Not only has Fatheheya helped plan the agenda for the conference, assist in creating marketing items, assisting in creating program objectives and learning outcomes, Fatheheya has also been working collaboratively with student leaders from other institutions, such as the University of South Florida, to collaborate to build up the drive-in conference to make it a great one. Not only is Fatheheya on the executive board as a student leader with Volunteer UCF’s Alternative Break Program, but she also is taking classes, and works locally in Medical City. Fatheheya is an outstanding student leader that seeks to build connections with fellow colleagues, and make a difference. Whenever you interact with Fatheheya, no matter the day, you are greeted with positivity and a smile. You will never not find her smiling and radiating positivity. Fatheheya is a great individual to work with. Recently, we added a new member to our conference committee, Allison, and Fatheheya welcomed her with open arms and has helped her adjust to her new position, and taught her the in’s and out’s of the program. Not only does Fathehya welcome others with arms wide open, but she also seeks to recognize those she works with either face-to-face, or via GroupMe. Her endless recognition of others is contagious and keeps the team going. Fatheheya goes the extra mile to serve those around her, and to make a difference. I do not know any other student deserving of June’s Student of the Month than Fatheheya Iguel of UCF.

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