Month: June 2018


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: University of Akron Region: CAACURH
Nominee: Klay Kahle Nominator: Matthew Hohman

On-Campus Population: 2,800 Chapter Size: 28

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

In the life of a college student, the summer semester is typically not one of rest or vacation. Rather, it is filled with work, school, and learning how to manage one’s money to eat until the meal plans begin again in the fall. This load can be hard for many students to bear, as they usually do not have time for many other things.

However, in the month of June, Residence Hall Council President, Klay Kahle, went above and beyond his job duties, even while balancing many other external things. Throughout this entire summer, Klay has been working as an intern for a sales firm in the greater Akron area. This position requires him to work in their office about 40 hours a week. While this is a normal job for many people, for Klay this is adding on to the 10 hours he works every week in the Department of Residence Life and Housing. Working 50 hours a week is not what many college students dream of doing over the summer, but Klay takes it all in stride, as he knows he is bettering himself professionally and making great progress towards graduation. On top of all this, Klay must find time to fulfill his duties as President of the University of Akron’s Residence Hall Council. I feel that he has exceeded the expectations of this job significantly in the month of June. It is custom for the Activities staff of Residence Life and Housing to hold a workshop over the summer, typically in June, for all new student members and executive board members. This program is designed to introduce students to their positions before the semester begins and to get a jump start on the year. While this program is very fun and informative, a lot of preparation and hard work must go on behind the scenes so that this can take place. With Klay being President of Residence Hall Council, a lot of the responsibility fell on him and the Residence Hall Program Board President to plan this event. Since Klay worked every day during the week from around 8 am to around 5 pm, he would go into the Residence Life and Housing office very early in the morning or very late at night in order to help plan for this program. He would also write up and send out very detailed emails concerning the workshop so that he would not lose communication with the rest of the planning team. In addition, he would also help his peers by setting up the display boards early for New Student Orientation before he would leave for the morning. Klay dedicated what little free time he already had during the entire month of June so that the new student leaders in Residence Life and Housing would have the chance to jumpstart their year.

Klay is the definition of a selfless leader who will always put his team above himself. The workshop was a great success, and the planning team was even able to provide attendees with a complimentary ticket to watch an Akron Rubberduck’s baseball game that evening. None of this would have been possible without leaders like Klay. The long nights and early mornings that he dedicated to the Department of Residence Life and Housing in the month of June did not go unnoticed and are appreciated greatly.

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