Month: June 2018


Student Staff Member of the Month

School: Morehead State University Region: SAACURH
Nominee: Kayls Keesling Nominator: John Michael Haky

On-Campus Population: 10654 Chapter Size: 1

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

During the month of June, Kayls Keesling has made tremendous contributions to the Morehead State Office of Student Housing. Morehead State’s ACUHO-I Internship is unique in that it is specifically designed for an undergraduate student to gain more experience in student housing, and as an undergraduate from Ball State University, Kayls stepped in to the role of Summer Experience Intern at Morehead State for the summer.

Having started right around the beginning of June, Kayls immediately jumped into her role with the Office of Student Housing to provide help and service to the office. Even as she was still learning about the specifics of Morehead State housing, Kayls took up the challenge of calling incoming students who had submitted a housing application for the Fall semester but had not selected a room (instead of assigning students rooms, Morehead State allows students to pick their room from those available). Even as she answered questions and clarified details for these students, Kayls friendly demeanor and excellent customer service skills allowed to far out-pace the other student staff making calls to students and provided the Office of Student Housing with valuable follow-up information. In addition, Kayls stepped in quickly to be a resource and provide support for Morehead State’s summer conference staff, taking the lead on helping and directing the summer conference staff in preparing the residence halls for summer conference guests. Kayls especially helped in developing welcoming decorations and information that were placed around the all floors.

As a member of the Office of Student Housing’s Resident Advisor Fall Training Committee, Kayls has provided valuable input for the staff to create the best experience for Morehead State’s Resident Advisors. Kayls volunteered to assist with identifying and contacting community service sites for staff during Resident Advisor training. Since there previously was no central resource for service opportunities, Kayls work in spending many hours identifying and reaching to a variety of organizations in the area will be very valuable for creating service learning opportunities during RA training and for identifying service opportunities for MSU students beyond that staff training.

Once of Kayls greatest contributions to the Office of Student Housing has been her research on other schools and the re-design of the Housing Resident Handbook. In order to ensure that Morehead State was meeting national standards, Kayls sent a great deal of time and effort researching other institution’s housing policies and procedures, and summarizing her findings to present to MSU Housing staff. Having identified those areas for improvement, Kayls worked with housing staff to update MSU Housing policies, add important and useful information for residents, and created a new Handbook that would be more useful for student living on campus. This is another example of how Kayls’ work will have an impact far beyond her summer at Morehead State.

Kayls’ passions will leave a lasting legacy at Morehead State when she heads back to Ball State in July. In addition to the work she did with the Housing Student Handbook, she also provided Morehead State students and staff with an OTM Writing Guide, a valuable tool for a school that just recently started submitting state/regional/national OTM nominations and does have an NRHH Chapter. Kayls’ passion for diversity and inclusion issues and, more importantly, creating an inclusive environment for students has also helped guide both activities and philosophies for the coming year. It is a true testament to Kayls’ work ethic and passion for student housing that she was able to accomplish all of these things in only one month.

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