Month: July 2018


Executive Board Member of the Month

School: Montana State University-Bozeman Region: IACURH
Nominee: Anne Lynam Nominator: Jillian LaPointe

On-Campus Population: 4200 Chapter Size: 42

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Could too much involvement in your RHA and NRHH ever have a detrimental side- effect? Currently, there is no solid research to point to that being a possibility. However, should anyone be the first to experience such a side-effect, I should think that person would have to be Anne Lynam. An incoming RHA President with contributions to student leadership within the residence halls of Montana State University that are, in a word, remarkable. Even while her incoming executive board is out of state on their summer adventures, Anne has stayed around campus to strategize and prepare for the upcoming academic year. This particular dedication is not required of her position; this is not a time period of which she can expect a stipend for. In the month of July, a meeting was held to discuss how RHA can support our chapter of NRHH. A meeting, that could not have happened without Anne dedicating her time to meet with both groups advisors. Anne has made it a goal for her presidency to use the popularity and resources of the RHA to help breathe new life into the struggling NRHH chapter. A chapter that she is not currently a member of, and yet, after learning that they currently did not have a programming director, has taken on the responsibility of planning an Ice Cream Social for the NRHH chapter in the first few weeks of classes. Anne believes in the positivity that a strong NRHH chapter can bring to campus and has stepped out of her role description to pave a path for that reality. As one of the three current members of the chapter, I cannot express my gratitude in a sincere enough manor to Anne. To take on this task without being asked while also planning a campus wide social program she’s calling “The Block Party”, volunteering her time to distribute RHA flyers at the various orientation sessions held throughout the summer, and managing a job as a desk clerk for the residence halls is a commendable work ethic to say the least. While many executive board members take the summer to focus on themselves, Anne has chosen to continue giving her all to her residential community. A course of action and a mindset that is well deserving of recognition by those both around her and those supporting her from afar. Should someone experience a side-effect from their efforts and exposure to making an impact in their residence halls, it would be only right that that symptom would first be observed in one Anne Lynam.

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