Month: July 2018


Organization of the Month

School: University of South Florida Region: SAACURH
Nominee: B.U.L.L. Crew Nominator: Gia Rivellini

On-Campus Population: 5400 Chapter Size: 54

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Gaining leadership experience is pretty much a rite of passage at the University of South Florida (USF). Unfortunately for our residents, there typically isn’t much opportunity to get involved on campus until the Fall and Spring semesters, leaving summer residents with nothing to be a part of. As a way to engage students and give them the opportunity to get their foot in the door with leadership, the USF Housing and Residential Education team created the Build Unite Lead and Live (B.U.L.L.) Crew for the Summer-B semester.

B.U.L.L Crew was introduced to us as an alternative to having Hall Councils for the Summer-B semester. Much like our traditional Hall Council that takes place in the Fall and Spring, B.U.L.L Crew served as a way for our residents to take their experiences into their own hands and plan events that happened in Juniper, Poplar, and Magnolia Halls which were the three buildings that housed our Summer-B students.

After an interest meeting held on June 25th, B.U.L.L. Crew hit the ground running as July quickly began. With only a four woman team (two Residence Life Coordinators (RLC’s) and two Poplar Hall residents), B.U.L.L. Crew began to plan and execute weekly events for our residents to attend. The event that kicked B.U.L.L. Crew off took place on July 7th as the team hosted an ice cream social in the lobby that connects all three of the Summer-B residence halls. The event saw great success as people would stop by to grab a popsicle and chat with their friends and the B.U.L.L. Crew team. July 17th brought on B.U.L.L. Crew’s second event of the summer which was a coffee station hosted in the lobby as residents were leaving for their early morning classes. The B.U.L.L. Crew served coffee and donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts alongside their own special ingredient: handwritten positive affirmations. Each person who stopped to grab a cup of coffee received a sticky note written by the B.U.L.L. Crew team that was meant to brighten their day. Those who didn’t want coffee were offered sticky notes anyways and it was apparent that the residents’ morning commute was better because of B.U.L.L. Crew’s efforts.

Perhaps the most successful and most impactful event B.U.L.L. Crew put together was the “Meet Your RLC Event” that took place on July 24th. As an advantage of living on campus during the Summer-B semester, B.U.L.L. Crew thought it was a good idea for residents to get to know the person in charge of their Fall communities. They had all 13 RLC’s for each community come together and station themselves around the lobby of Juniper-Poplar Hall where they met with residents and answered any questions they had about their living space. The event even had an area for our RHA and NRHH chapters so students could get information about how to get involved with Housing.

Chris Hadfield has said “leadership is about laying the groundwork for others’ success, and then standing back and letting them shine.” In the month of July the small yet mighty B.U.L.L. Crew team paved the way for the program’s success in future summers and helped build a strong sense of community in the short six weeks that students have lived on campus for the 2018 Summer-B semester. The B.U.L.L. Crew is more than deserving for an OTM this July not only for their dedication to our Summer-B residents' leadership journey, but also for their raving success as a pilot program.

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