Month: July 2018


First Year Student of the Month

School: Colorado State University Region: IACURH
Nominee: Hunter McClung Nominator: Riley Sparks

On-Campus Population: 6039 Chapter Size: 30

Please explain the outstanding contributions of the nominee during the month of nomination

Transitioning from high school to college is one of the most difficult times for students to go through. Many students are not able to fully handle the changes and resulting stress levels, nearly forcing them to quit school early on. Then, there are many students who are still not familiar with the updated challenges, but they are able to push through the hard times of their first year, better suiting them for the rest of their college career. Finally, there are some new students that are able to withstand their new surroundings and pressure, and are able to thrive within their new community. Not many students are able to do this, but the one's that do truly shine among the peers around them. One student I was able to get to know this year truly demonstrated that , and showed the people around him, including his new friends, instructors, and course colleagues that he will go far in his journey at Colorado State University.

Hunter McClung, a mechanical engineering major, and I lived on the same floor in Ingersoll Hall on campus. From our very first interaction, which was during Ram Welcome at CSU, a time for first year students to connect with other first years students on campus through a weekend long barrage of activities, our friendship began. During the first few awkward hours when everyone on our floor was together that weekend, we sparked up a conversation, which is where our friendship began. After that fateful encounter, we would consistently talk with each other whenever we saw the other in the hallway, walking past on the sidewalk, or whatever interaction we would have. He turned out to be one of the nicest people I met during my first year in college.

Even though I felt like we had a good friendship, he had even better friendships and relationships with a lot of the other people he met during his first year. He had various friends from many different halls on campus, good relationships with the people he talked to with his church group, and great friendships with his comrades in ROTC. However, even though Hunter had really good relationships with a lot of the people he met, his professional relationships with his teachers and instructors was evenly matched with everyone else's.

Even before he entered college, Hunter always had good relationships with his teachers. Whenever he would be struggling with the many Advanced Placement courses he was taking during high school, he would make time in his busy schedule to talk with the necessary teacher, giving him time to better understand the material at hand, which would allow him to excel at his school work. He used that same approach with needing help with course material by asking his instructors/professors for help whenever he could. Even if the problem he had wasn't something too pressing, he would still make sure he knew it to the best of his ability before it was too late.

The time and dedication Hunter put into his school work and outside relationships is what made him an outstanding first year student at CSU. His amount of energy and enthusiasm for bettering himself made him an amazing role model for other first year students. His compassion for the people around him makes him a beloved friend, and his passion for his school work makes him a excelling student.

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